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Switch vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – October 2017 Update

Switch vs DS – VGChartz Gap Charts – October 2017 Update - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 05 December 2017 / 8,547 Views

The VGChartz Gap charts are updated monthly and each article focuses on a different gap chart. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation platforms, as well as comparisons within the 8th generation. All sales are worldwide, unless otherwise stated.

Switch Vs. DS Global:

Gap change in latest month: 402,064 – Switch

Total Lead: 2,092,111 – Switch

Switch Total Sales: 7,915,989

DS Total Sales: 5,823,878

October 2017 is the 8th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month the gap grew in favor of the Switch by 402,064 units when compared to the DS during the same timeframe. The Switch is currently ahead of the DS by 2.09 million units.

The DS launched in November 2004 in North America, December 2004 in Japan and March 2005 in Europe, while the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide in March 2017. The Switch has sold 7.92 million units, while the DS sold 5.82 million units during the same timeframe.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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OTBWY (on 04 December 2017)

Obligatory "when's DS Lite??" comment.

  • +5
Ryng OTBWY (on 04 December 2017)

When DS Lite??

  • +1
Darwinianevolution (on 04 December 2017)

For a console much more expensive than the DS at launch, Switch really is doing a good job. At least it will have a decent lead until the DS redesign comes out and its sales EXPLODE.

  • +4
AlfredoTurkey (on 04 December 2017)

Because it's totally fair to compare a device that was only a dedicated handheld, launched in the pre-iPhone era at $149.99 to a device that is a hybrid home console, launched post-iPhone era and at $299.99.

Makes absolute sense.

  • +2
JSG87 AlfredoTurkey (on 05 December 2017)

I don't get your point here? The Switch is selling better than the DS at a much higher price point.

  • 0
AlfredoTurkey AlfredoTurkey (on 05 December 2017)

You honestly read all of that and missed the point? Two different machines, from totally different eras, selling at completely different prices... the variables are ridiculous.

  • 0
Ljink96 (on 04 December 2017)

Switch is going to outsell the DS! :->

  • +1
justinian (on 04 December 2017)

The DS did its best work sales wise about a year or two after launching. I remember the negative reviews in 2004 before it was launched. After sales began to pickup (mainly with the DS lite) it was a different story.

  • +1
Kerotan (on 04 December 2017)

DS winning this pretty easy

  • 0
habam (on 04 December 2017)

switch had new 3d mario, new 3d zelda, mario kart port, splatoon and arms in its first 9 months... nintendo ds had...?

  • 0
Ljink96 habam (on 04 December 2017)

Nintendogs and Brain Age...both of which eventually outsell any 3D Mario, Zelda, Splatoon, or Arms and every Mario Kart except Wii and DS.

  • 0
habam habam (on 05 December 2017)

those were on its first year ? didnt know that but yeah, those games where huge. Not possible to repeath again though with smartphones certainly taking that spot

  • 0
DaAndy (on 04 December 2017)

in the beginning DS hasnt had quite good numbers. So nobody should be surprised Switch is outselling DS at the moment. But in the long term DS will win this for sure - at some point DS just has destroyed everything. Just thinking about Japan usual 150k+ weeks^^ Still I am excited to keep on following this gap-chart.

  • 0
TallSilhouette (on 04 December 2017)

200M confirmed.

  • 0
SmashBros01 (on 04 December 2017)

Awesome to see this! Switch may be Nintendo's biggest system!

  • 0
Qwark (on 04 December 2017)

Forget whether Switch is going to outsell the PS4 or not. It is going to outsell the DS

  • 0
Ryng Qwark (on 04 December 2017)

Oh yeah baby!

  • -1
ABizzel1 (on 04 December 2017)

The Switch is doing well, but for the comments above/below here are the numbers for consoles at their 8 month sales period.

Wii Total Sales: 9,045,750 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until Dec))
PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 8,389,231 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until Feb.))
Switch Total Sales: 7,915,989 (Mar - Oct)
DS Total Sales: 5,823,878 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until March))
3DS Total Sales: 5,133,422 (Feb. - Sept.) didn't launch globally until March))
Xbox One Total Sales: 4,826,588 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until Sept))
PS3 Total Sales: 3,879,718 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until Mar))
X360 Total Sales: 3,701,480 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until Dec))
PSP Total Sales: 3,634,719 (Dec. - July) didn't launch globally until Mar / Sep EU))
WiiU Total Sales: 3,063,585 (Nov. - Jun) didn't launch globally until Dec))
PSV Total Sales: 2,389,091 (Dec. - July) didn't launch globally until Feb))

If anything it proves that Year 1 sales don't make or break hardware. New pricing, new skus, and promotions can change things drastically (as it did with all the last-gen hardware especially after the recession died down).

PSV should have been dead last, but beat Wii U. Wii U should have been slightly behind PSP based on the logic some of you are using on these charts. XBO shouldn't be losing to PS3 / 360 / PSP. 3DS should have went on to sell almost as much as the DS. PS4 should be obliterating the original DS and Wii should be the best selling console of all time.

PS4, XBO, Switch, and even Wii U had some of the best console launches of all time thanks to gaming early adoption growing among consumers due to the success of last-gen consoles. If anything Switch is proving to be on pace to match 3DS + Wii U global sales, which is good enough. It still has a few years to go before we can say where it'll. By it's 3rd full year we'll have a range of what to expect from Switch, and I'm expecting it to land around the PSP / X360 / PS3 range lifetime.

  • -2
JSG87 ABizzel1 (on 05 December 2017)

The fact that these consoles launched over the Xmas period for the most part is enough to offset the WW launch of the switch, along with the fact that the switch launched in quite a slow period anyway but imo it's impressive that The Switch has done as well as it has since Nintendo had production issues for the most part of the 8 months it has been on sale.

  • 0