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Snipperclips (NS)

Snipperclips (NS) - Review

by Evan Norris , posted on 23 March 2017 / 14,767 Views

The Switch launch will probably be remembered for Breath of the Wild — for the all the right reasons — and 1-2-Switch — for all the wrong reasons. It should also be remembered for Snipperclips, an adorable and playful puzzle-platform game that delivers some rowdy co-op action. While it's less fun solo, it shines as a cooperative and sometimes competitive multiplayer experience.

The game's central premise is simple: snip and clip your way to success. Players control two blocky, colorful characters made of construction paper: Snip and Clip. They can jump, crouch, stand on tiptoes, rotate, and most importantly cut shapes out of each other. By trimming, notching, and reshaping Snip and Clip, players can solve a number of puzzles. Need to pop three balloons? Shape Snip into a piercing instrument. Hamster ball wants a boost up? Slice Clip into a ramp.

Snipperclips Balloons

The puzzles in Snipperclips are clever and easy-to-understand, even if sometimes the answers aren't readily apparent. Thankfully, the developers at SFB Games have created an environment where creative, outside-of-the-box solutions are possible. Don't expect any pixel-perfect precision here. 

The variety of puzzles is managed successfully also. SFB cycles several puzzle types in and out throughout the 45-level main campaign, often adding wrinkles to previously-seen brain-teasers. The only downside is that some puzzle types are explored more than others. A few more crane game puzzles and a few less egg game puzzles would make this package even more attractive.

Snipperclips Car

As fun as Snipperclips is with a friend in tow — playfully arguing over the best solution and clipping each other into oblivion out of frustration — it's less fun and a lot less playable solo. It loses most of its rhythm and competitive energy. A single player can certainly finish the game, but the journey won't be as memorable or enjoyable.

If you're lucky enough to recruit even more friends, you'll be able to play several challenges designed for group play in "Party Mode." These tougher two-to-four-player challenges demand even more concentration and cooperation.

Snipperclips Basketball

After players have grown tired of all this wholesome teamwork they can settle their grudges in three competitive mini-games: basketball, hockey, and dojo. Basketball is a simple one-on-one affair that borrows from the basketball puzzles in the main game. It's mindless fun. Hockey is the highlight. It's a top-down air hockey match between Snip and Clip. Dojo, which is a deathmatch of sorts, is the least successful of the bunch. 

Standing in the shadow of Breath of the Wild, Snipperclips is a digital-only game that could be overlooked by early adopters. Yet underneath its cutesy, coloring-book exterior sits a collection of approachable, crafty puzzles with dozens of creative solutions. Snipping, clipping, improvising, and collaborating one's way through the colorful world of Snipperclips is truly a joyful experience. Just be sure to bring a friend or two along for the ride.

This review is based on a digital copy of Snipperclips for the NS, provided by the publisher.

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Kinneas14 (on 23 March 2017)

Great game. Can't stop playing the 4 players competitive match mode.

  • +4
Luke888 (on 23 March 2017)

Are the Egg stages so bad ? I've seen a few in gameplay and they seem fun, or is it that there's just too many of them ?

  • 0
Bajablo Luke888 (on 23 March 2017)

they are not as fun as the rest.. and drag on for a while

  • 0
Veknoid_Outcast Luke888 (on 23 March 2017)

They're not terrible. They just seem to rely more on random chance than others. Frustration tends to creep in a little faster with those dastardly eggs :P

  • 0
caffeinade Luke888 (on 24 March 2017)

As with any puzzle, they are bad if you are bad at them.
When I played it, we breezed past that portion of the game.
There are only two or three egg stages.

  • 0
Comment was deleted...
Johnw1104 spurgeonryan (on 26 March 2017)

If you have a friend to play with and like puzzles it's exceedingly fun and totally worth it.

  • +1
Kwaidd spurgeonryan (on 27 March 2017)

didnt you buy the letter? =p

  • +1