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Rumour: Mighty No. 9 Will Not be Releasing in 2015

Rumour: Mighty No. 9 Will Not be Releasing in 2015 - News

by Jared Katz , posted on 31 July 2015 / 2,764 Views

GameInformer has learned that Comcept’s Mighty No.9 has been delayed to 2016.

At the time of writing, neither Comcept nor Deep Silver (the game’s publisher) have responded to GameInformer; there's also been no official announcement of a delay.


However, the Megaman-inspired game has already been delayed before (from April 2015 to September 2015), so it wouldn't come as a big surprise if it has in fact been delayed until next year.

Mighty No.9 is set to release on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and 3DS. 

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Mystro-Sama (on 31 July 2015)

Meanwhile Inafune has enough time to be starting other projects, huh...

  • +4
FarleyMcFirefly (on 31 July 2015)

Watch the Wii U version get cancelled.

  • +2
Ganoncrotch FarleyMcFirefly (on 01 August 2015)

not just cancelled but blame wii-u hardware for not being able to lower the resolution intelligently to run smoothly like project cars....

  • +1
Ultrashroomz (on 31 July 2015)

Hmm, well that's a little disappointing.

I'll still wait patiently for the game, but I hope this isn't the case.

  • +1
DivinePaladin (on 01 August 2015)

I played it at TooManyGames. It seemed pretty much done, with a little bit of need for polish here and there. Can't imagine why they'd delay it other than to avoid competing with that Mega Man Collection (which, IIRC, comes out next year anyway).

  • 0
Tyritorious (on 31 July 2015)

Seems plausible.
There has been quite the controversy with this game over the past few months. I just hope it turns out okay, even though I didn't back it or have any intention of purchasing this game.

  • 0
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