Destiny Sells 4.55 Million Units First Week Worldwide, PS4 Nearly Sells 500k Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 September 2014 / 9,303 Views

First week worldwide sales for Destiny are in. The game managed to sell 4,554,155 units. That is the biggest launch in 2014 and the biggest for a new IP in gaming history.

The PlayStation 4 version of Destiny sold as much as the other 3 versions combined with sales if 2.27 million units. The Xbox One version sold 1.37 million units, the Xbox 360 version sold 543,895 units and the PlayStation 3 version sold 371,293 units.

also helped push hardware sales. PlayStation 4 sales jumped an astonishing 255 percent to 472,885 units. Xbox One sales increased 37 percent to 171,486. Even last generation consoles saw an increase in sales. PlayStation 3 sales were up 38 percent to 58,212 units and Xbox 360 sales increased 28 percent to 34,095 units.


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viewjet (on 25 September 2014)

It's sad that the game did so well because now we can look forward a series of incomplete game releases. In it's release form, Destiny is a $30 game, not a $60 game.

jacks81x (on 27 September 2014)

Hasn't Titanfall already set that precedence?

  • +1 (on 29 September 2014)

those two games were such a waste of my money

  • +1
Pirateogta (on 25 September 2014)

It's weird that despite Microsoft not even being allowed to advertise Destiny for their console, it still had a better attach rate on the Xbox One. 21% of PS4 owners bought Destiny versus 25% of Xbox One owners.

mjk45 (on 25 September 2014)

thenquite often the attach ratio favours the smaller base in this case the important thing is the consoles sales benefits from destiny.

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bigjon (on 25 September 2014)

to add to mjk45's comment, XB1 also has a higher consentration of shooter fans due to Halo and Titanfall.

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Yafea (on 25 September 2014)

Great numbers for a new IP. A franchise is born.

bigjon (on 25 September 2014)

If you say so, if its a 30 dollar game it an amazing 30 dollar game with at least 100 hours of gameplay in the base version. (on 29 September 2014)

the power of marketing it can make people buy terrible things as if they were good. this game had a price drop of $20 within a week of release that's how terrible it is I bet you only a third of the people who bought this game actually kept it and havent gotten rid of it.

daredevil.shark (on 25 September 2014)


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cpg716 (on 25 September 2014)

It bad that VGChartz wont even fix it's numbers when the companies RELEASE official sales numbers.. 325 million in sales for 5 days.. equals 5.5 million sales.. you are about a million off.

Blood_Tears (on 25 September 2014)

Ever hear of digital?

"Video game publisher Activision announces that since it was launched on September 8, Destiny has managed to generate 325 million dollars (245 million Euro) worth of copies all over the world, via both physical stores and digital services, when taking into account the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and last-gen versions."

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teamsilent13 (on 25 September 2014)

I bought digital 360 and know several people who did so that's where the other million comes from probably.

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