Halo 4 Sells 3.8M First Week, Xbox 360 Reaches 70M Sold - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 November 2012 / 30,528 Views

Opening week sales for Halo 4 are in. The game sold 3.1 million units in its first 24 hours and has gone on to sell 3,798,209 units in its first week according to VGChartz. These sales numbers are just a tick under Halo 3 which sold 3,811,047 units in its opening week. However it did beat the first week of Halo: Reach which sold 3,698,137 units.

Halo 4 Sells 3.8 million units in its first week

While Halo 4 did not set a franchise record it does show that the franchise is as popular as ever. It is also the bestselling home console exclusive game in 2012 in just its first week.

Halo 4 helped push the Xbox 360 to become the bestselling platform for the week. The Xbox 360 sold 425,815 units and has now surpassed 70 million units sold to consumers. This figure comes seven years after it first launched in November 2005. The console has averaged 10 million units sold per year.

Microsoft announced during its last quarterly report that Xbox 360 shipments had reached 70 million as of September 30.

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moe6142 (on 15 November 2012)

i will wait for the real numbers.

nanarchy (on 15 November 2012)

the maths here doesn't seem to add up. Does this mean MS lied about the revenue figures for Halo 4 during the week?

trunkswd (on 15 November 2012)

MS probably included all the money generated from the Xbox 360 bundles.

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Booh! (on 16 November 2012)

No it's worlwide (4, Reach) vs. USA alone (3).

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Booh! (on 16 November 2012)

btw 60€ are 76$.

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Argh_College (on 15 November 2012)

i dont believe thse numbers sorry. 220m vs 170m Halo 3 yet didnt sell as much ans had way less version on sale.

nightspark (on 15 November 2012)

That's because you're not accounting for inflation. Adjusted for inflation Halo 3 made $255,073,375.71.

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yo_john117 (on 15 November 2012)

Video games have remained $60 between Halo 3 and Halo 4 so inflation is not the problem here.

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nanarchy (on 16 November 2012)

It has nothing to do with inflation. You can't just throw inflation into inflation independent numbers. the maths fails to add up, no idea who is wrong, I guess time will tell when official numbers are released.

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pezus (on 16 November 2012)

@yo_john: That's not entirely true. It's not all about USA. Video game prices have gone up around the world

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Booh! (on 16 November 2012)

Halo 3 did 170 million in US alone, Halo 4 did 220 million worldwide, Reach 200 million worldwide.

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WebmasterX (on 21 November 2012)

Halo 4 helped push the Xbox 360 to become the bestselling platform for the week. The Xbox 360 sold 425,815 units and has now surpassed 70 million units sold to consumers? AND why on Global Hardware total said XBOX 360 69.7 millions?

VGKing (on 15 November 2012)

Impressive numbers(For the year) but not really that impressive compared to last years HW number or previous Halo games. On the bright side: a lot of this boost will probably carry over for the rest of the holidays. I expect only a small drop in %.

Michael-5 (on 15 November 2012)

Yet even with Halo, the 360 is still doing more poorly comapred to PS3 then last year. 23% down vs. 17% annually for the #60 and PS3 respectively, and more importantly the 360 was selling 175,000 units more then PS3 without Halo last year, and this year it's only managing 110,000. :-( PS3 just might surpass 360 now that the last major 360 exclusive is out and doing it's share of the sales.

trunkswd (on 15 November 2012)

Modern Warfare 3 released during the same week a year ago.

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Daddo Splat (on 18 November 2012)

Its funny when you see the PS3 fans bashing the same crap from 5,6 years ago the ps3 is winning! Look back at thier 30 miilion sales predictions for the Xbox and laugh! Even if the ps3 pass xbox this Gen. MS still has made they're mark.