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Google Play Passes 25 Billion Downloads - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 26 September 2012 / 7,675 Views

Google's Android app store, Google Play, is catching up with Apple's iOS. Google announced that Google Play's 675,000 apps have seen more than 25 billion downloads. This is just six months behind the iOS which achieved the milestone back in March of this year.

Google Play which has 675,000 apps, is right behind Apple's own app store, which has 700,000 apps. Earlier this month Google said there have been 500 million Android devices activated, while 400 million iOS devices have been activated as of June.

In celebration Google will be offering many apps for just 25 cents. Developers include Electronic Arts, Full Fat, Gameloft, Rovio, runtastic, and many more.

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Argh_College (on 26 September 2012)

Android is already way ahead of Apple in Sales. But Apple Store stills bigger but that will change with time.

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ebw Argh_College (on 26 September 2012)

Apple: 43% of all phone revenue, 77% of all phone profits, all while people were waiting for the iPhone 5. Sure, Android is giving away a ton of phones, but it's not what I'd call "way ahead" in sales.

  • -2
binary solo (on 27 September 2012)

Does the iOS base also include iPod touch? I presume Android install base only passed iOS install base a year or so ago given Android didn;t start to get big until a few years after the first iPhone and even more years after the iPod Touch.

I think I've contributed about 6 of those 25 billion.

  • +1
cusman (on 26 September 2012)

500 million base is 6 months behind 400 million base on software sales?

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