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by Miles Taven , posted on 15 November 2011 / 11,057 Views

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of not only Halo but also Xbox, and Microsoft's first foray into the home console race. Join us as we celebrate 10 exciting years in the best way we know how, with facts and figures!

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1. Since joining the race, Microsoft have sold over 80 million (82.56m) consoles and could pass the big 100 mark as soon as next holiday!

2. Over 43 million Halo games have been sold, with nearly 30 million this generation alone.

3. The average Gamerscore on Xbox Live is 11,286 (as of March 2011).

4. Xbox Live now has over 35 million members.

5. Kinect became the fastest selling gadget of all time last year, selling over 8 million units in 60 days.

6. Every mainline Forza Motorsport, Gears of War and Halo entry has scored 90+ on Metacritic.

7. The Fable franchise has sold over 10 million games.

8. More than 6.3 billion achievements have been unlocked since the Xbox 360's launch (as of March 2011).

9. Over 130 games have sold 1 million copies or more on Xbox 360.

10. Thanks to Modern Warfare 3, the Call of Duty franchise has sold over 50 million games this generation on Xbox 360.

11. Over 20 million users log on to Xbox Live every day.

12. Uno was the first XBLA game to exceed 1 million units, it did so in March 2007.

13. Halo: Reach holds the record for biggest launch of an exclusive console game, managing over 4 million copies in its first week.

14. The Xbox 360 is the only console in U.S history to increase year over year in every year of its life (so far) - that's over 5 years of constant growth and it's on track to continue the streak this year!

15. Since its launch, the Xbox 360 has sold half a billion games, and that's not even including digital/XBLA sales.

16. A new Xbox Live player signs up at the rate of every 2 seconds.

17. Over 6 million personal messages are sent between Xbox Live members every day.

18. Towards the end of 2011, the Xbox 360 will have outsold every Sega and Nintendo home console (excluding the Wii).

19. More than 100 million songs/tracks for music games have been downloaded through Xbox Live.

20. The Xbox 360's attach rate is 9 games per system in the US, and over 10 in the UK.

21. There are over 4.6 million Xbox Live members using the Netflix application.

22. It would take roughly 485 billion Xbox 360s laid end to end in order to build a bridge to the sun.

23. The average conversion rate for XBLA titles (that is, the chance of someone who has downloaded the trial then going on to purchase the full game) is 18% (2007).

24. Xbox Live is estimated to have made over $1 billion in revenue in 2010.

25. Around 100 downloads of gaming and entertainment content from Xbox Live Marketplace take place every second.

26. Since its launch 1 year ago, Kinect has sold over 25 million games (including Kinect Adventures).

27. Gold members average 575 achievements unlocked per member, whilst Silver members unlock 208 per member.

28. In the seven years from its launch, Xbox Live members have spent more than 17 billion hours on Xbox Live.

29. Stallion83 has the highest Gamerscore ever with over 650,000, he's aiming for 1 million.

30. The recently released Modern Warfare 3 smashed Black Ops' record for concurrent users on Xbox Live. The previous record was 2.6 million.

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kowenicki (on 15 November 2011)

Excellent article. Every one of those 10 years I have been an Xbox owner and it's fitting that today I am playing a game (albeit polished to a very high standard) that was also the first game I ever played on the monolithic black plastic box.

trasharmdsister12 (on 15 November 2011)

Imagine if they had bundled it with a special edition Duke. I miss the Duke.

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Kai Master (on 17 November 2011)

not so interesting facts... PS : Stallion83 is a nerd !

AceRandum (on 21 November 2011)

650,000 ? That means he played ever xbox game alive, i once saw someone gs was 89,000 and i said he didn't have a life scratch that off and tell Stallion83 he has no life. If he makes a million i hope microsoft gives him an awarad for most likely to have too much time own their hands

Michael-5 (on 15 November 2011)

Kinects not the fast selling gadget. Didn't the iPad outsell Kinect 4:1? or was it more?

kazuyamishima (on 15 November 2011)

I think the Iphone 4s has that honor right now, in only 3 days it sold more than 4 millions.

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Seece (on 15 November 2011)

don't think iPhone is classed as a gadget, and at the time Kinect sold faster than iPad, there were plenty of articles around the time.

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Zephyrnix (on 19 November 2011)

actally yes, Kinect sold faster then ipod, ipad or iphone. For the most part, the idevices sold about 5 mil in 3 months, kinect sold 8

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Krusnik (on 15 November 2011)

I still have that box, ....good times. Bought the clone wars/tetris worlds bundles and was hooked. good times indeed.

spurgeonryan (on 15 November 2011)

I think it is a good list of everything that Microsoft has accomplished over the last decade with the Xbox.

Signalstar (on 15 November 2011)

Good article but not enough fun facts about the original Xbox. It is the one that turned 10.

Seece (on 15 November 2011)

Feel free to add one!

  • +2
Seece (on 15 November 2011)

enjoy ^^

Kai Master (on 17 November 2011)

35M XBL members against 70M PSN members ? Why ?

Zephyrnix (on 19 November 2011)

....because PSN is free and because its free, its no biggie to make duplicate accounts.... I myself have 5. with xbl, u have to pay for each account,

  • -1
Zephyrnix (on 19 November 2011)

....because PSN is free and because its free, its no biggie to make duplicate accounts.... I myself have 5. with xbl, u have to pay for each account,

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selnor (on 22 November 2011)

Because 35 million Live users is just Gold Accounts. PSN numbers include all numbers for people who have even been inactive on PSN for 2 years.

Also dont be fooled. Xbox Live at last count of March 2011 had more than 600 million hours played online more than PSN in 2010. Live is hugely more active. Live also had in 2010 70% more active individual accounts than PSN.

2011 LIve has increased upon 2010 by over 30% accoding to reports from Microsoft.

Live is untouchable in traffic compared to PSN and Wii.

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coolbeans (on 16 November 2011)

31. The flight computer aboard the space shuttle 'Atlantis' has less than one percent of the power of an Xbox 360 game console.

yo_john117 (on 16 November 2011)

And a grand 10 years it has been! (even though I've only been playing for about 5-6 of them.

thebeststine (on 16 November 2011)

So there's a new Xbox live player every 2 seconds? That would mean that 1,296,000 people sign up during a month with 30 days. I find that a little hard to believe.

coolbeans (on 16 November 2011)

33. On September 19, 2007, Microsoft announced the top ten Arcade downloads worldwide as Aegis Wing, Uno, Texas Hold 'em, Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Bankshot Billiards 2, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade, Worms, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Contra

Vole182 (on 16 November 2011)

#31. SEGA Chairman Isao Okawa visited Bill Gates several times, to see if it would be possible to add Dreamcast compatibility into the original Xbox.

kumagawa (on 15 November 2011)

28. In the seven years from its launch, Xbox Live members have spent more than 17 billion hours on Xbox Live. Xbox live launched in 2002 so it's 9 years.

Seece (on 15 November 2011)

7 years from launch, meaning 2009

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Wonktonodi (on 15 November 2011)

that bridge to the sun number is missing some 0s

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usrevenge (on 15 November 2011)

the original xbox is was the best. between fable lost chapters, BF2MC ( best shooter ever) star wars battlefront 1 and 2, and the original halo it had the line up to take on sony and in many ways win i feel that MS lost its way half way through the 360 lifespan... hoping next gen they get some better stuff

Immortal (on 15 November 2011)

While I hate to rain on people's parades, I cannot possibly see why this is posted as a VGC article. Just glancing over, there are plenty of facts that have absolutely nothing to do with sales analysis. This is pretty much "yay xbox", which I think belongs on gamrFeed. Sorry if I'm being picky, but I hold VGC articles to an awfully high standard and a title as subjective as "10 Years of Fun" on here is a bit irritating.

  • -11
Seece (on 15 November 2011)

It holds enough sales figures to be relevent here.

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Machina (on 15 November 2011)

'10 years of fun' is the name of their annviersary ad campaign, seems pretty fitting to the article...

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reviniente (on 15 November 2011)

I guess some people find fun irritating.

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Carl (on 15 November 2011)

I thought the bit where he says "high standards" and "VGC articles" funny.

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