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Android Outsells All Other Smartphones Combined in the Second Quarter - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 August 2011 / 6,799 Views

According to the NPD Group, Google's Android outsold all other smartphones combined in the United States, with a 52 percent market share in the second quarter of 2011. This is up from an estimated 36 percent in the first quarter. Apple's iOS operating system, also saw an increase, to 29 percent in the second quarter from 17 percent.

The major hit in market share occurred to the BlackBerry OS, which fell to 11 percent. The other eight percent includes Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, and webOS, whose market shares remained flat.

According to Nielsen last July, Apple is the top smartphone manufacturer, since it is the only company to manufacture iOS smartphones. This is in contrast to the Android where there are multiple manufactures, with the biggest three being HTC, Motorola, and Samsung.

Google recently acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion. Motorola's overall mobile phone market share declined from 12 percent in the second quarter in 2010, to 9 percent during the same quarter in 2011. Motorola's Android OS sales have dropped by half in the last year, from 44 percent down to 22 percent. Despite the acquisition Google "remains firmly committed to Android as an open platform."

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Heavenly_King (on 22 August 2011)


sixthree (on 22 August 2011)

It's gonna take more than sheer numbers to beat Apple.

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spooky96 (on 23 August 2011)

Glad to see Android over Apple ^_^

sethnintendo (on 23 August 2011)

Well when Apple limits itself to AT&T (now adding Verizon) then you can see why Android has taken off more than iOS. Maybe most people want to avoid crappy cell phone companies like AT&T. They have only become worse with more acquisitions.

videogamez101 (on 23 August 2011)

But isn't Android multiple divisions of phones?

cbizzleya (on 23 August 2011)

This article is just referring to mobile OS, not phone manufacturers. More phones have the Android OS than any other where as Apple produce more handsets than anyone else.
Apple and Google only compete on the software front. In terms of hardware,Apple competes with the likes of HTC, Samsung and RIM, (until Google's acquisition of Motorola goes through).
It's like comparing Mac and Windows computers despite the fact that Microsoft don't make PCs.

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Krstorm (on 23 August 2011)

No, it's an OS

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Kudistos Megistos (on 28 August 2011)

Apple's marketshare might have increased, but this is the beginning of the downfall of the iPhone. Android vs iOS is increasingly resembling Windows vs Mac OS, and Apple still haven't learnt that being open is better than being closed. Since the non iOS/Android marketshare has dropped from 46% to 19%, there's far less of it for the big two to eat. They must eat into each other's share from now on, and I don't see Apple winning that confrontation. The iPhone's market share is going to drop faster than Steve Jobs' weight! umad?

MARCUSDJACKSON (on 23 August 2011)

straight to the top thats where googles going.

disolitude (on 23 August 2011)

While its great that Google is able to give OS for free and dominate the market, Apple is making money hand over fist on hardware, apps and even OS upgrades. Search advertising revenue on phones can only go so far... We will see what they do with Motorolla, but Google are not making nearly enough money with this supposed market domination.

naznatips (on 23 August 2011)

? Google profits more per share than Apple does (though they're pretty close), and over $2 billion net profit per quarter. Mind you, that's less net than Apple per quarter, but they're also fighting in WAY more markets than Apple.

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MapleMeadows (on 23 August 2011)

More money per share means nothing when shares can split (Microsoft's Share has split 6 times) and have share value be diluted. The only figure that really matters at the end of the day is market cap and net profit. Those are the numbers that investors look for and in those category. Apple slaps Google across the face.

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dianshias (on 24 August 2011)

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soupdawg30 (on 24 August 2011)

Currently 119 Android phones vs 4 iPhones. Not sure how this is impressive news.

pommi (on 23 August 2011)

Love my droid!

SONYisBP (on 23 August 2011)

i love when crapple goes to hell. i hate apple as much as tools love and worship it.

Jumpin (on 23 August 2011)

My prediction is that Symbian and RIM will be stomped out, along with Windows and Linux. Although eventually Android marketshare will hit a threshold and begin losing ground to iOS as iOS continues to penetrate new markets. Motorola's Android share got hit hard because of iPhone entering on Verizon.

oni-link (on 23 August 2011)

lol dude this is the same comment you had that was downvoted lol...give up!!

  • +1
Omac (on 23 August 2011)

Many android phones from various manufacturers, A few iphones models from Apple.

naznatips (on 23 August 2011)

This is relevant how? And this is all iOS, not just the phones, so we're actually talking about multiple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch models.

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Iveyboi (on 23 August 2011)

I got the Xperia Arc (Android) and I am thrilled to have left Apple

Munkeh111 (on 23 August 2011)

But this has been happening for ages now, Android is winning @videogamez101, not really, there are multiple android versions, but they are all mostly the same, just a few compatibility issues

megaman79 (on 23 August 2011)

Its actually pretty wonderful just to see a name that isn't Apple in the headline. Thanks for posting this article VGC, because this is certainly relevant to our video game market, and I think anything that isn't Apple achieving success in the mobile phone space is beneficial to competiton, and therefore beneficial to handheld consoles in general.

binary solo (on 23 August 2011)

Well I'll take my slide out QWERTY keyboard over the retina, multi-touch touch screen display any day. Erm @ Jumpin, you do know Android IS Linux based. Android has it over iOS because there are low end and high end Android phones. So affordability for people moving from std mobile to smartphone will mean the budget buyer will go with Android. Get a smartphone for 1/3 the price of iPhone but it about 75% as good as the iPhone. Value for money is with Android. And WP7 given WP7 also has a large price range for its phones. Still iOS will always own a significant portion of the Market, it will just never be the majority.

ebw (on 23 August 2011)

Don't forget that Apple is continuing to sell the iPhone 3GS, specifically to capture those budget buyers. Best Buy occasionally has a promotion to get one for free. So isn't it more like get a smartphone for the same price as an iPhone but about 50% as usable as an iPhone model from 2 years ago?

In a few months, the iPhone 4 (so popular that it's still #1 even after 16 months) might occupy a similar niche. Really, I think the only thing holding iOS back at this time is production constraints. But Android is doing a good job of sopping up the customers that Nokia has been heavily bleeding.

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sweatface7 (on 24 August 2011)

apple is still better. it brings in more $

hunter_alien (on 23 August 2011)

@Jumpin: doubt it. Samsung for example is doing great with Android, and it will go on doing great. IMO we could see a 70:30 market split between Android and iOS, but I doubt that iOS will eat away Androids share. I do agree that Symbian and WP7 are a thing of the past ( not even a deal with the once mighty Nokia wont help them for long...).

disolitude (on 23 August 2011)

I think you are wrong about WP7. MS will push it till its a success. It may be WP9 by the time it starts being dominant but it will happen. At the moment I have an iphone4, WP7 with Mango update and Moto Droid and can compare all 3. Power users may cry for Android but for everyone else, WP7 is quite a compelling product with an amazing user experience.

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o_O.Q (on 23 August 2011)


microsoft has been in the mobile phone market for years and have never really made an impact... what makes you think wp7 will be significantly different?

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disolitude (on 23 August 2011)

I used to do techsupport for blackberry palm and ipaq devices in 2004 and 2005...the later which were windows mobile. They were horrible... i would never think microsoft would stick around if their wp7 product was anything like that. For the first time in the mobile game i feel that microsoft has a very good product and understands how to make ita success in the long run. They have a major update coming to ALL of their phones. They are not fragmenting or leaving anyone behind. And like i said, i have a wp7 with the new update, along with droid and iphone4. If one had to go it would be my motorolla droid first, followed by iphone4...its just a really good os for a lite and intermediete smartphone users like me.

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Omac (on 23 August 2011)

There are currently six manufacturers Dell, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, and Samsung making 42 smartphones using the Android operating system.

oni-link (on 23 August 2011)

to those thinking this isn't VG related needs to open their eyes. smartphone and tablet gaming IS a force in the gaming industry now and in the future!!! the all in one aspect of smartphones will just continue to evolve and eventually push out Sony and even Nintendo out of the mobile videogame hardware industry. (my opinion) I actually think thats the root cause of Nintendo's woes with the 3DS and why many in the industry (Patcher and such) thinks that the PSV will be DOA when it gets released!!!

kowenicki (on 23 August 2011)


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Zlejedi (on 24 August 2011)

Smartphone gaming is like rhytm games fad. Sooner or later people will get bored with oversaturation of crap.

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Kai Master (on 23 August 2011)

I don't see what is video game related in this article... Smartphones are marginal and video gaming on smatphones is even more marginal.

Jumpin (on 22 August 2011)

My prediction is that Symbian and RIM will be stomped out, along with Windows and Linux. Although eventually Android marketshare will hit a threshold and begin losing ground to iOS as iOS continues to penetrate new markets. Motorola's Android share got hit hard because of iPhone entering on Verizon.

shushuas (on 23 August 2011)

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