LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean Gets a Teaser Trailer

by Keith Sadler, posted on 02 February 2011 / 1,153 Views

LEGO: Pirates of the Carribean is dropping in May, and that's as specific as anyone's willing to be. With the new "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie "On Stranger Tides" hitting May 20th, I'd expect it to drop right around then.

It's a LEGO game, no new surprises as far as mechanics go. Online coop play will not be supported, as has been the standard.

The game will span all four "Pirates" movies, five chapters apiece along with the usual assortment of bonus missions. While sailing ships will of course factor into the game, TT Games' Head of Production Jonathan Smith confirmed that there won't be any vehicle-based chapters. There will be donkies for you to ride.

Check out the video after the jump. Also check out GamrTV for more fun videos.

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wiifan75 (on 03 February 2011)

I love the lego games. Loved star wars and I'll love this too.