Kinect Sales Reach 1.1m Units Worldwide (Updated) - VGChartz

Kinect Sales Reach 1.1m Units Worldwide (Updated) - News

by Brett Walton , posted on 15 November 2010 / 27,276 Views

With ten days of release in the Americas and four days of release across Europe, VGChartz estimates that around 1.3 million (see edit at the end of the article for updated figures) Kinect sensors have now been sold-through to consumers worldwide representing around $250m in worldwide revenue. Breaking this down by region - 950,000 Kinect sensors have been sold in the Americas, 130,000 in the UK and around 200,000 across the rest of Europe.

The top-selling software (after Kinect Adventures which is bundled 1:1 with Kinect sensors) is Kinect Sports with around 440,000 units sold worldwide (attaching to around 1/3 of all Kinect sensors sold), Dance Central on nearly 200,000 units worldwide, Kinectimals on 110,000 units worldwide and Fighters Uncaged and MotionSports both on around 100,000 units worldwide. Overall around 2.5 million units of Kinect software have been sold including the bundled Kinect Adventures.


Stay tuned to VGChartz for more Kinect sales data and also a direct comparison with Move and Wii launches.

Edit - Microsoft has just announced 10 day worldwide sell-through of "over 1m units" which would suggest that our 1.3m estimate is 150-200k too high given the language of the release (1.2, 1.3m would be enough over 1m to be more specific in my opinion). Seems like our original 3 day estimate for the Americas (we had since adjusted up for this report) was pretty close despite Greenberg's Twitter comments.

Our current estimates (adjusting in the Americas for the Microsoft announcement) are as follows:

Wk1 - 550,021 (vs 475,000 that we estimated last week and were strongly criticised for)
Wk2 - 250,553

Wk1 - 327,526

Total to date - 1.13m


The full Microsoft press release is given below:

REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 15, 2010 — Microsoft Corp. today announced it has sold 1 million Kinect for Xbox 360 units worldwide in 10 days and is on pace to hit 5 million by the end of the year. The announcement comes a week before the biggest selling day of the year, Black Friday, and in the wake of increasing momentum for Xbox 360, which led U.S. video game console sales for the past four months.

“We are appreciative of the response we have seen from consumers that has culminated in sales of more than 1 million units in the first 10 days on the market for Kinect for Xbox 360,” said Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. “This is a great start to the holiday season, and we will continue to work with our retailer partners to keep pace with high demand and deliver against our plan to sell more than 5 million Kinect sensors worldwide by the end of this year.”

Before the Kinect launch, Microsoft raised its worldwide sales forecast from 3 million to 5 million sensors sold by year-end. Kinect launched in North America on Nov. 4, followed by Europe on Nov. 10, and will land next in Asia (Nov. 18) and Japan (Nov. 20). By this holiday, controller-free games and entertainment will reach more than 60,000 retailers in 38 countries with up to 17 Kinect games available.

“We have seen tremendous excitement from customers for Kinect for Xbox 360,” said Chris Homeister, senior vice president and general manager of the home entertainment group at Best Buy. “There were lines of customers at our stores all over the country on the night of the Kinect launch, and thousands more are trying it for themselves in our stores every day. It’s no surprise Microsoft has already surpassed 1 million units sold, and we expect Kinect to be one of the must-have gifts at Best Buy this holiday.”

For Xbox 360 consumers worldwide, Kinect provides a unique and exciting way to access and interact with entertainment. With just the wave of a hand or the sound of a voice, consumers can play games, stream music, watch HD movies and live ESPN sporting events, and engage in video chat.

Microsoft also recently announced that the more than 25 million Xbox LIVE members have spent more than 1 billion hours on the service a month, an average of over 40 hours per member. In addition to Xbox 360 console momentum, and the ever-expanding service and content library of Xbox LIVE, Microsoft released franchise games such as “Halo: Reach” and “Fable III” to hordes of devoted fans this fall, as well as announcing that Xbox 360 will be the first console to launch add-on content for all “Call of Duty” titles through 2012, helping drive industry software sales. With Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox LIVE, Microsoft is proving to be a leading gaming and social entertainment service in the living room and the industry this holiday.

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spi (on 25 November 2010)

kinect is a big shit, a simply eyetoy 8 years later with small possibility, that only for casual and other noob american public. wake up, dont buy this shit.

Makaha (on 20 November 2010)

@AussieGecko it's because some 360 fanboys said Kinect would be a game changer, going as far as causing the 360 to overtake the Wii in lifetime World Wide hardware sales. Just amazingly crazy comments!! And people kept saying the Move was merely a Wii copy, so nothing was expected of it. Many expected the 360 to demolish the PS3 and Wii this Christmas...well Kinect is out in EMEAA and didn't have the same effect as in Americas, as expected, and it didn't overtake the PS3 in hardware in EMEAA this week. And GT5 is right around the corner ( The Source predicted the PS3 will sell over one million hardware the week GT5 launches during Black Friday week, Japan alone has > 100k blue GT5 PS3 bundles that are already sold out in pre-orders) But in the end, after Christmas, both the Move and Kinect will be seen as just fads, and both their sales will drop like a rock.

AussieGecko (on 19 November 2010)

weird thought. Why is the Kinect considered "okay" in Europe where it doubled where the mighty move which is part of the loved console the PS3 in Europe... Change your words boys and girls. Kinect is doing fantastic and the "high" price you all keep trying to push on is not so high, or if it is, people would prefer a high price for a better item... Just going by what the feedback from certain users on here...

Makaha (on 19 November 2010)

@rf40928 the whole point of Kinect is to introduce NEW users to the console. Everyone expected huge hardware sales because of MS marketing budget, but low and behold, it doesn't outsell the PS3 during Kinect launch week in EMEAA. In two weeks, GT5.... And be honest, I'm sure you expected the 360 to outsell the PS3 in hardware in EMEAA the week Kinect launched. Come one, admit it..... and another thing, if you look at the software charts for EMEAA region look at COD:BO sales it sold more on PS3 than 360, so your argument fails and if you have been visiting VGChartz the last six months or so, you'll notice how well the PS3 has been doing software-wise WW, mostly because the people who bought the PS3 after the slim/price cut have recently been buying older/other titles

rf40928 (on 18 November 2010)

@ RASITLINE Also gotta throw in INCOME from the boost to consoles - combo SKU's (units where Kinect and consoles come together) .. In just this week it looks like IN THE EMEAA the 360's sales have been boosted significantly... the America's arent showing yet.. And from people buying those consoles it'll sell more games..

rf40928 (on 18 November 2010)

@Makaha Actually you better check what Sony 'Move' sold in its first week if you want to compare fairly.. It only sold about 150,000 in europe its first week compared to Kinect selling double that figure in Europe for Kinect's 1st week ! Kinect sold around 1 million its first week worldwide.. almost triple what Move did its first week ! And yes Kinect did even better in America something like 500,000 first week versus ONLY 35,000 Move's in America first week.. Kinect has sold 1.1 Million 1st week .. While Sony Move has sold like 1.3 Million in 5 weeks !!! The REAL money is made off the software anyways, not the hardware ( which has a bigger overhead cost, materials, manufacturing cost ) .. Sony is DEFINATELY in LAST PLACE BY FAR in software sales.. PS3's BEST SELLING GAMES SELL MILLIONS LESS THEN Xbox 360's TITLES.. and ANY titles Sony has SELL MUCH LESS THEN 360's... XB360 has CASHED IN an additional $$7 BILLION DOLLARS over PS3 just from Software..

kivi95 (on 18 November 2010)

Frank_kc# you no you don't have to pre-order games.You can simply buy it on release day even if you don't pre-order.

Frank_kc (on 18 November 2010)

Something doesnt makes sense to me here, preorders for dance central is < 40,000 and it sold 200,000? Same applies to Kinect Sports preoders were around 56,000 and it sold 460,000? I know the numbers above are world wide and i am looking at america's preorders, however, markets outside America didnt even sell 50% of Kinect hardware compared to America. So either the preorder numbers were not accurate or the above numbers are not accurate.

Makaha (on 17 November 2010)

uhm.... you guys better check the latest EMEAA charts... the PS3 outsold the 360 in hardware in that region the week that Kinect launches and this is BEFORE GT5 hits the week of Black Friday.... Kinect is HUGE success in Americas, just okay in Europe.....

Nereid (on 16 November 2010)

The reason why VGC is constantly getting flak is not because of the inaccuracy of the data, it is to be expected of any estimations. However, its the consistent overestimating of X360 sales and underestimating of PS3 sales that really puts the site's integrity into doubt.

Freyt (on 16 November 2010)

@Jexy The only thing you've argued against is whether it was a good idea or not, and I suppose any kind of profit is good, but does that make a bigger profit... better? If you have two options, and both options result in profit, and it's clear which one will make more profit, then isn't the choice that makes less profit a bad idea? Simply put, it's not a good idea because they could be spending their time with better ideas. Also, you added another "and", which is players who are bored with the current games.

SWORDF1SH (on 16 November 2010)

Is this Sales or Shipped? Just wonderin as everybody questioned Sony numbers.

Jexy (on 16 November 2010)

@Freyt If Raistline's calculations are even close to right, and they expect around 5 million sold, then they will make a lot of money by year's end. So it was a good idea. Plus add in sales for the future, with less money spent on marketing, etc etc... it will make them a lot of money. Not to mention how this helps technology in the long run. Everyone can agree, that despite its flaws, it is a pretty amazing piece of technology. This won't help with just games, this will help with better inventions in the future for governments, etc. Besides, if you call making a large profit by the end of the year a failure, than everything Sony has done is still a failure, so probably not the best way to go with that (as they still manage to lose money every quarter) They said their launch would be comparable to the Wii's (looks like they were right) but never said it would sell more than the Wii. That's impossible. I think everyone including Microsoft knows that. Plus the Wii, like you said, is much cheaper. I know a lot of people here (360 and PS3 owners) consider it a baby's toy really. And with the technology in place for it, it might as well be compared to the HD consoles. Also, you added in "have money" twice for the Kinect haha. I admit, it is expensive, but keep in mind, the market it is going towards. It's target demographic isn't 17 -21 year olds who despise the Wii and like shooters and racers and serious graphics who are still in school and college (aka no money). Very few of that group are buying Kinect. Its really targeting families, the kind of families who have already been able to afford a big plasma TV (so Kinect by comparison is cheap) and other gamers who have decent jobs and have disposable income ($150 really isn't a lot of money when you compare it to paying bills). Heck, I spent $180 on Groceries the other day. Granted $80 was a new electric shaver, but still :p I have not purchased the Kinect, but that is mostly because I barely have enough time to play the games I have (not that many). But I'm sure if I worked closer to 40 hours a week rather than 70, my life would be different, and I'd consider it. Once you get past the console wars and HD/wii wars, you get that its all entertainment, and many people will find the Kinect worth the money they put into it. It costs what, the price of 10 movies where I live? Not really a big deal.

Freyt (on 16 November 2010)

@McGran Yeah, I guess that's true. Of course, there are also those who didn't even think about the matter. Wasn't the Wii cheaper to begin with? They may have just gone for the cheapest system as well.

McGran (on 16 November 2010)

@Freyt To be fair the Wii has at least one more 'AND'. In fact you've mentioned it as one for Kinect - doesn't mind lower quality qraphics.

crissindahouse (on 16 November 2010)

@justinian "It has easily beaten move in the same time scale but any sane person would have expected that. Sony's 50 bucks ad campaign can't cope with MS $$$ muscle." in german tv sony is advertising a hell for move every day since the move start and microsoft isnt advertising kinect! its not everywhere like in the states!

Raistline (on 16 November 2010)

1.13 million HW sales, 2.5 Million SW sales= $250 million in Revenue. Which does not account for production. It costs $56 to make each Connect. 1.13 Million SW sales are giveaways with bundle. That leaves 1.37 million in earned SW sales, which is $67 million Revenue at $50 bux a pop. Let's be Generous and say it costs 3 dollars a game to get it to the store. So of that $250 Million in revenue, MS has earned 162.5 Million for Kinect sales , and 64 Million for SW. thise give them $226 Million in profit (very very very rough guesstimation) MS Will Spend $500 by years end on Advertising for Kinect, as per previous VGChartz articles. For MS to break even by the end of the year they need to more then double sales current sales totals. 226% sales increase by the end of the year, based on my really rough guesstimations.

justinian (on 16 November 2010)

So far so good, 1.1m sales is v.good considering the short time and massive ad campaign. To call it a massive success though is premature. And although I am sure it will be huge, like most things in life it's not always how you start but how you finish. It has easily beaten move in the same time scale but any sane person would have expected that. Sony's 50 bucks ad campaign can't cope with MS $$$ muscle.

Freyt (on 16 November 2010)

Of course people bought it, the proper question is how much needs to be sold? Even if the Kinect sells more than Wii initially, isn't it always going to be capped at the sales of the 360? Unless every 360 owner buys one, and one of them buys two, then the Kinect will never sell more than the 360, which is the main focus. And otherwise does anyone honestly think Kinect sales will reach that of the 360? My guess is no. And after that isn't most of the money in the industry made by the actual games? My guess is yes, especially considering that's what Sony basically told us. And Kinect just adds a step the problem. 360? > Kinect? > Game? Versus the Wii only has two steps. Wii? > Game? But that's an extremely simple... simplification. If you think about it another way... the target audience for Kinect is so extremely narrow. So, in order for someone to get a 360, they have to decide they like good graphics in games, and don't care for motion control as much, right? I mean, the Wii has motion control, and the PS3 came with SOME KIND of motion control at least. The PS3 probably has just a tiny little bit better graphics, even if no one can tell, as well. So this means that the owner of the 360, assuming they only have one video game system, likes graphics more than motion control, but doesn't like it enough to pay for a PS3 or can't even tell the difference. Keep in mind that your trying to get these people to pay MORE money for a new device that's more than half the price of a PS3 someone could buy based on my google search for "PS3" just now. Now we've already decided that these people probably like normal controllers over motion control, so the amount of people who buy it have already decreased. Along with the people who like graphics more than most other things, which I don't see a motion control game having superb graphics, limiting consumers more there. So, here's the target audience for Kinect. People who have money to spend; people who like good graphics AND don't mind lower graphics AND like controllers more than motion control AND like motion control AND have money to spend AND have a 360 AND probably don't already have a Wii. That's a lot of and's. Here's the Wii's target audience: People who don't despise Nintendo AND People who like Motion control. I only see one and there. And this is why Nintendo sold 70 million Wii's, and why Microsoft will probably not sell 10 million Kinect's. Remember their target audience from the beginning is limited to 360 owners. Does Kinect really target over 1/4 of 360 owners? I don't think so. Knowing all this, lets not forget that it's only the target audience for the initial device. Meaning the target audience FOR THE GAMES is much lower than that! Looking at VGCharts software totals, ignoring the first 6 titles (because 1 is Wii Sports while 6 is Wii Play, and the other 4 are old games, some which were also bundled together with a system), after that it's Nintendogs which I'm pretty sure wasn't bundled with anything. Nintendogs, selling as much as it did, only got to 24+ million out of a range of 136+ million Nintendo DS owners. Now who still thinks Kinect is a good idea?

geddesmond2 (on 16 November 2010)

@ ZechsMerquise and Oni-link Of course something with a 500 mil marketing budget will have a good launch and beat its competitors. If it didn't then I'd have a lot of questions. I said it before and I'll say it again. If I put shit in a bag and put 500mil advertising behind it then that shit would sell

AOK Games (on 16 November 2010)

Welp, expect an influx of casual games, Kinect owners. Microsoft managed to make Kinect a huge success without a single core title in its library. This isn't good news for developers looking to produce core games, so expect companies like Ubisoft to inject games that match Kinect's top sellers, maybe games like Just Dance and Petz.

ZechsMerquise (on 16 November 2010)

@ oni-link I agree, I think the Kinect Launch has been much bigger and the buzz about it much father reaching.

Rockyb (on 16 November 2010)

kinect floped in europe , only did well in uk

oni-link (on 16 November 2010)

Kinect will rule and kick PS-Move's butt this holiday season!!! Nuff said. [url=http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys.php][img]http://www.freesmileys.org/smileys/smiley-chores019.gif[/img][/url]

Reebokanonymous (on 16 November 2010)

I had no idea people would actually buy this. I was always under the impression that most Xbox users were mostly in it for shooters and whatnot. I know I won't be getting a Kinect until I move out of my dorm at the very least.

rf40928 (on 16 November 2010)

@jugon Kinect sales are an Impressive feat considering it took Sony's"move" an entire month to hit a million sold worldwide - Where Kinect has done it in 1 week ! Lets look at what Sony Move did in Europe in its first week: http://www.vgchartz.com/article/82122/playstation-move-preliminary-sales-figures-in/ Sony's 'Move' did 140,000 Units in Europe in its first week.. versus 327,000 Kinect first week in Europe.. Also throw in 'Move' did only 60,000 in America its 1st Week ..versus.. 550,000 Kinect's in America Sold.. So yeah 'Kinects' numbers seem very "Impressive" since they outsold 'Move' by 50% the first week in Europe - which in Europe both systems have nearly an 'even' install base of consoles - almost even in console owners... yet Kinect outsells them by 50% there ! In America you expect Kinect to outsell Move because they have way more Xbox 360's in America, but in Europe they are close and Kinect still killed Move ...Make me wonder how far Kinect will be by Christmas..

rf40928 (on 16 November 2010)

@maxwellsmart? Whats your point and why comparing it to Kinect? Kinect sold 1 Million in 25% the time Sony Move sold 1 million... For motion controller this isnt bad.. makes i clear 'Kinect' will be way ahead of 'Move' by Christmas considering they are almost tied now and Move has been out much longer.. COD has been the best selling game on both 360and PS3 for how many yrs ? Combining two systems sales for one game should impress these numbers !

MaxwellSmart (on 16 November 2010)

Meanwhile Black Ops sold 5.6 million units worldwide in 24 hours.

jugon21 (on 16 November 2010)

328k in Europe...it's good but not impressive

wanaraceu (on 16 November 2010)

I am suprised as somthing with a 500 million advertising budget should of sold way more.

mundus6 (on 16 November 2010)

This is pretty good imo considering its only in English, Spanish and Japanese atm. So here in Europe it wont catch on, until it has German, Italian and French. As well as other places in the world like China or Korea, where neither of these languages are relevant.

Pyramid12 (on 16 November 2010)

ohhh overtracked........

ethomaz (on 16 November 2010)

Am I smoking yet? Nevermind. Great sales for 10 days. @||DeOn|| it's not true... the slim sales adjusted up weeks ago like all PS3 sales for two year ago.

||DeOn|| (on 16 November 2010)

they overtracked ps3 with ps3 slim when it launched

snowdog (on 16 November 2010)

I'm really surprised by these sales tbh given the reviews mentioning the problems with lag and motion recognitiion. I guess that doesn't matter too much to kids and casual players..? :o/ If they can sort out the lag issues with a firmware update but I won't be getting it until they do tbh, I'll be using my Wii and PS3 for my motion control gaming needs and using my 360 as a more traditional console.

Jordahn (on 16 November 2010)

Wow! So VGChartz originally under tracked Kinect, but then they over tracked Kinect. Interesting.

heruamon (on 16 November 2010)

I think black friday is going to be HUGE for Kinect...

smbu2000 (on 16 November 2010)

So now that first week sales for Kinect have been adjusted will those changes be reflected in the chart from last week? Kinect Adventures is still at 479k, but with the adjusted numbers it would be at ~550k.

AnveL (on 16 November 2010)

...so what?? thought it should be more since MS spent so much $$ promoting it.. i saw it already drop more then 1/2 in US 2nd week...

geddesmond2 (on 16 November 2010)

Aye why does VG chartzs always undertrack PS3 and over track Xbox 360

D-Joe (on 16 November 2010)

@binary solo dont forget COD:BO bro

binary solo (on 16 November 2010)

OK so combined EMEAA + Americas Kinect last week = Americas week 1. I'm thinking 360 HW numbers will be fairly steady with another 330-350K. Wii should rise to meet that, PS3 will still be under that number, but not by too much.

welshbloke (on 16 November 2010)

So all we can say at the moment is that Kinect has sold over 1 million units. Whether that is 1.1 2 or 3 we do not know and are now second guessing. Technically we do not know if this is shipped or sold. Common sense would say sold but we are already using common sense to determine that if they had sold 1.3 they would of said it. Regardless of the true numbers 1 million is a good for the first week of sales in the US and a few days of sales in Europe. Not sure about this 500 millions dollars of advertising. I am not seeing anything really major in the UK at least. A few adverts but I am actually seeing more WM7 and Move adverts than I am for Kinect. Makes you wonder what all the money is getting spent on.

Cueil (on 16 November 2010)

@TheKarateKid Microsoft is sending in shipments on a pretty regular bases... that's why you see Kinects well stocked. There will be some areas where demand is higher or lower and in some areas where the bundle will be in higher demand then the unit...

mwjw696 (on 16 November 2010)

@TheKarateKid: Thats funny cause in my area(Ohio) I had to go to three stores to find a Kinect, and every single one of them are stocked with moves... Considering it took move 6 weeks to reach a million and it only took Kinect 10 days. I think there might be a nice demand for both around this holiday season.

TheKarateKid (on 16 November 2010)

@Raze: You don't think it's working? Have you checked out Wii's hardware sales lately? I'm not sure if the 1 million worldwide Kinect sales is a payoff of the 500 Million advertisement Microsoft is spending on promoting the unit. At $149.99 I wish them all the luck. All of my GameStop's in my area (LA area) are completely stocked of Kinect. So what is this demand they are talking about??? However I had to travel to 4 different stores last week to purchase a move controller (Those are in VERY HIGH DEMAND)...........

z101 (on 16 November 2010)

After all the fuzz and the big marketing campaign. These are the sales. Looks very unpleasant for microsoft.

kowenicki (on 16 November 2010)

@heruamon... m not sure I understand you.. who is fuming? OT. nice... to the doubyers... they are clearly reporting sold through, they know EXACTLY how many they shipped and therefore wouldnt need to have this kind of release.

heruamon (on 15 November 2010)

Lol...the haters are just fuming...oh denial denial denial...such an ugly thing.

toastboy44562 (on 15 November 2010)

ah i dont know who to trust now...ill gow ith brett cause hes awesome!

heruamon (on 15 November 2010)

Now we see why Greenberg made the comments about VGC's number that he did. While I don't doubt the numbers garnered by VGC, I don't think the site did itself any favors by NOT strongly stressing the very limited time frame for the numbers. There are now a lot of people swallowing bile from all the comments they made about Kinect…I think it is going to be one of the most sought after devices for the holiday and M$ is probably going to have A LOT of problems keeping the “hugely overpriced” (sarcasm is dripping) stand alone bundles for the system. I think Kinect might bust thru M$'s raised estimate of 5 million even.

Hephaestos (on 15 November 2010)

ok so over 1M is actually lower than 1.3M... did you guys up the numbers a bit because of that MS monkey that made fun of the 475k for 3 days? In any case, MS most likely doesn't have very accurate day to day sales of their product (outside of the US), i'd bet that bret's sources are more reliable on this as they send info regularly.

Booh! (on 15 November 2010)

MS: 1 million in 10 days (probably shipped) from Reuters.

A Bad Clown (on 15 November 2010)

Such speed, where is Kinect drawing all this selling power from?!?

binary solo (on 15 November 2010)

I can't see how 1.3 million sell through to date can be significantly undertracked to the point that MS feels compelled to try to discredit it (noting 10% MoE, pssibly 15% still means VGC estimate is reasonable). They've projected 5 million shipped by 1 Jan 2011. That means there's 4.7 million Kinect difference between what's already in consumer hands and projected shipments. There's no way MS are projecting a 100% sell through by 1 Jan so I'm expecting sell thorugh of around 4 million by 1 Jan (as we know shortages at retail can still mean there's a substantial number of units in the distribution chain, given the number of countries and retailers around the world 1 million in the channel isn't a huge number at this time of year). So that means 3.7 million to sell though for the remainder of the year, averaging weekly WW sales of ~530K. Given the virtual week one global launch (once Japan and other markets yet to open have launched) will be at about 1.5 million I think 530K for the rest of the year on average looks pretty realisitc. I can't see how Kinect can be any more front loaded than that. If MS revise shipment estimate up again to 6 or 7 million by 1 Jan 2011 then you can assume VGC has undertracked Kinect's launch. I just don't understand why MS feels so compelled to discredit the numbers.

toastboy44562 (on 15 November 2010)

impressive sales. I expect another 700k sales next week. (Mabye im highballing it)

ioi (on 15 November 2010)

We absolutely derive the data mostly from "polling-based methods" - I'm totally open about that, but all this stuff about not trusting our data or somehow trying to undermine the figures without providing any hard data themselves isn't really the way to go about your pr...

ghaleon1980 (on 15 November 2010)

Games are not the driving force behind KInect. It's the standalone tech all by itself that is generating sales (just like the iPad). Therefore, as long as word of mouth is good then it will continue to sell well in the coming months.

Rick82 (on 15 November 2010)

Microsoft Comments On Kinect Worldwide Sales "We have not announced sales figures for Kinect yet, while these numbers are impressive and favorable for us, I would caution people to rely on figures coming from polling based methods versus actual retail sell-thru like NPD or our internal reporting directly from our retail partners. I can tell you that we are working hard to keep up with the very high demand for the product, retailers are re-stocking daily." PFTTTTTTT! Hahahahahahahah http://www.gamertagradio.com/forums/showthread.php?p=83732

ttweed (on 15 November 2010)

I think 1:6 console->total sales is now a bit low simply because the kinect unit just by itself is difficult to find. If they could get the kinect base units in stores faster these total numbers would likely be much higher. Doubt they care too much though as the 250 GB bundles likely make them by far the most profit.

bloodcrust (on 15 November 2010)

Awesome MS and just after 2 weeks there gonna hit the 3 million they wanted by the end of this year but 5 million not so sure. it mite die off Quick after the holidays until they show some major games that will make people buy it. People buy the Guitar for Guitar Hero and that's ONE type of game music that's all and it's about the same price. Kinect dose a lot more they just need about 3 major games to get it rolling that are amazing and completely use Kinect to make it stand out..

crissindahouse (on 15 November 2010)

@reidlosdog "I actually agree that this is a low estimate for Europe. Someone made the note that it is a continent, and it is." no clue how it is in other countries but in germany theres no advertisement in tv for kinect (just one time from a electronic market but not from microsoft itself). i dont wonder that casuals in germany dont buy kinect if they never hear about it...

Silver-Tiger (on 15 November 2010)

Great sales, now let's see how long they can keep up high sales.

Salnax (on 15 November 2010)

@Lyrikalstylez Fat chance. Until recently, the Wii struggled to get quality support, and a lot of the support it did get was due to its similarities to other systems, rather than its unique properties. I severely doubt that Kinect will be used well.

binary solo (on 15 November 2010)

excellent performance. Heavily biased towards 360's premier markets, naturally. Can't make any predictions on the basis of first week in EMEAA, but at this early stage it looks like Kinect could significantly re-invigorate 360 sales in continental Europe. Overall 360UK represents about 30% of 360 total EMEAA. For Kinect UK=39% of total thus far, with a few markets (e.g. Aussie) yet to launch Kinect. So Kinect in UK could maintain it's relativity with the rest of EMEAA, which means if 360 significantly liftts in UK it could significantly lift in EMEAA overall. Expecting a 65K HW lift out of the Kinect launch if the HW boost in EMEAA is the same % as the HW boost in Americas for Kinect launcgh there. If Americas HW numbers remain steady for the week (which it could given Kinect has almost doubled in sales) then 360 this week will be massive, and likely over 400K.

Raze (on 15 November 2010)

@A20 - That's assuming everyone buys Move, which the majority haven't seemed to jump on really. Most PS3 gamers dont want motion controls, they're more of the button masher type gamer - not that that's a bad thing. I think Move was more an attempt to slow Nintendo down, but I don't think its working.

NotStan (on 15 November 2010)

Well even with 1:6 ratio predicted elsewhere earlier this week as I seem to remember, the HW sales would approximately be at 200k+ thus far.

EncodedNybble (on 15 November 2010)

Pretty good sales, I wonder what the ratio is of kinetic + 360 HW vs. standalone kinetic.

reidlosdog (on 15 November 2010)

Z101: "With this massive marketing campaign the kinect sales seems to be much to low." O_O are you serious? Is this guy serious? Anyone? This is basically week one (cause it's four days in Europe, ten in America), and your saying 1 million sales isn't good enough? While your saying this, MS is rolling in money laughing at the fact the only new competition is a dildo. I actually agree that this is a low estimate for Europe. Someone made the note that it is a continent, and it is.

Darth Tigris (on 15 November 2010)

Still waiting on official numbers from MS, but in the meantime VGC efforts sure are appreciated. This looks really good, even though the Euro numbers seem a bit apprehensive considering the size of the market (I mean, it IS a freakin' continent) but maybe word-of-mouth and a full 7 days will cause a nice 2nd week bump. If anything these initial numbers will hopefully cause publishers and developers to start putting more money and resources behind their Kinect projects. 2nd gen games need to be a marked improvement and show some ingenuity to grow this controller-free concept into something with substance.

Barozi (on 15 November 2010)

I feel ashamed of all the people who bought Fighters Uncaged and MotionSports...

huaxiong90 (on 15 November 2010)

@z101: I doubt you'd say the same if it was a Nintendo product, honestly. OT: Excellent sales for a first week. Let's how it holds up now.

thismeintiel (on 15 November 2010)

Seems to be doing quite nicely. I guess fans of all systems wanted motion controls. Can't wait til next quarter's results, though, so we can have some hard numbers from MS and Sony.

primogen18 (on 15 November 2010)

Good, hope it does well, IMO it's a far superior product then "move". tech and everything aside, I just think it's cooler. It makes me want to buy a 360. I got a Wii for my wand/remote needs, but this just seems like it would be a great companion console.

z101 (on 15 November 2010)

With this massive marketing campaign the kinect sales seems to be much to low.

Jordahn (on 15 November 2010)

Thank you VGChartz. :)

A203D (on 15 November 2010)

Raze, the developers dont need to support Move, they can simply port games from the Wii onto Move, increasing their potential userbase to 40mil more consumers.

Jordahn (on 15 November 2010)

Lyrikalstylez let's see what happens with Steel Battalion.

damndl0ser (on 15 November 2010)

@firebringer "What makes the Wii popular is because families buy it and that's because of Mario, Donkey Kong and other games like this." Thats why the game cube did so well right? Your entire post is a farce. The Wii sales great because it has/had a new type of control system that people really took too and no other console had ( until recently ). Not to mention its starting price was so much cheaper than the HD twins when it first came out. Mario, Donkey Kong and the other games Nintendo makes were just an added benefit. Kinect is doing really well and its software sales are also doing well. Something that 3rd party games on the Wii had problems doing. Time will tell how this plays out, but word of mouth is what will sell the Kinect even though it has a gigantic marketing campaign going on. All I will say is this, the Kinect will continue to gain sales throughout the holidays. And anyone who doesn't believe this is going to be in denial.

Lyrikalstylez (on 15 November 2010)

Hopefully these sales get developers off there *** and support this device with quality games now

damndl0ser (on 15 November 2010)

Wow, I would imagine 25% of those would be bundled with a 360, ( probably even more than 25% ). So there should be a shit load of extra 360's sold this holiday season. I will make a guess and say 360 will win the holidays easily. (Worldwide and not just Americas)

Raze (on 15 November 2010)

Yup, I saw this coming. Kinect is unique in how people can play games (dont start with the Eye toy comments, you know its dramatically better!) Kinect will be the number #2 motion system, behind the Wii obviously, as nothing can reach it at this point. The Move remains yet to be seen, but I think that overall, it's not going to sell enough to motivate developers to support it.

Jordahn (on 15 November 2010)

justinian my earlier posts were certainly nicer and more reasonable than some of the previous ones. They all praised Kinect while denouncing the trolling. DS, and I don't mean "Nintendo DS." I mean "double standard."

justinian (on 15 November 2010)

Now that's impressive. No, that's damn impressive. @jordahn Calm down, dude. And you wonder why your posts get deleted.

donsterydo2 (on 15 November 2010)

This is Huge. And SW sales are amazing. Move is nowhere near it.

Pyramid12 (on 15 November 2010)

Now thats what I expected compared to the 400k report. does this mean it sold another 400k+ this week in NA? cause last week was 480k and it says in the article 950k in america alone.

--OkeyDokey-- (on 15 November 2010)

I think this thing is only gonna snowball at least until the end of the year. Microsoft should comfortably win this holiday season.

whawhawha (on 15 November 2010)

This thing is on every wall, restaurant, bill board, and park bench. I would hope so. :P I was not big on the idea of no controller, but with all the hype it is hard not to consider it. If they came out with something for me(a 32 year old male of the house.) I might buy it for the family, but there is nothing that has my interest yet. But hey, there are million+ that are sold, so it has to be worth something.

pbroy (on 15 November 2010)

Now awaiting more hot girls playing kinect videos... Bring it!!!

iWarMachine (on 15 November 2010)

@Vistar, you got to be kidding. On Topic: GREAT SALES i never expected such amazing numbers, Kinect will place 360 slightly ahead of PS3 for the rest of the year.

haxxiy (on 15 November 2010)

lol @ guy below me. Some people simply can't keep into rationality. Anyways huge sales! Software isn't that hot but Move wasn't also. America loves Kinect it seems!

sully1311 (on 15 November 2010)

massive!!! its gonna b huge this christmas

QuarantineStudio (on 15 November 2010)

I like the use of the word "estimate", give us real numbers.....

darthdevidem01 (on 15 November 2010)

WOW almost 1 MILLION IN US!!!!

Carl (on 15 November 2010)

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge sales!