2010 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to November 6th

by Miles Taven, posted on 13 November 2010 / 3,858 Views

Here we see data representing the global sales through to consumers and change in sales performance of the three home consoles over comparable periods for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Also shown is the market share for each of the consoles over the same periods.

"Year to date" sales for 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 sales are shown in series at the top of the table and then just below a comparison of 2010 versus 2008 and 2010 versus 2009 is displayed.  This provides an easy-to-view summary of all the data.

Xbox 360: UP Year on Year this week by 23k. UP Year to date 23.56%

Kinect gave the X360 a much needed boost in Americas and WW this week, and sales should remain high going forward thanks to EMEAA Kinect launch and Black Ops next week. The numbers are up over 1.8 million over the current peak year, depending on how Kinect fairs next year, this could be the X360's peak year, if not, next year.

Wii: DOWN Year on Year this week by 142k. DOWN Year to date -10.13%

Wii is seeing much more healthier sales now thanks to red Wii bundles, but is still posting heavy YoY losses and shouldn't match last years numbers.

Playstation 3: DOWN Year on Year this week by 19k. UP Year to date 22.67%

Despite the price cut and slim model being a year old the PS3 is somehow still posting good YoY numbers, losses aside it's going to remain strong enough for this to be the new PS3 peak year.

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Nintendogamer (on 14 November 2010)

I think wii can top 80M in 5 weeks, mid December, then do another 1.5M+ or so!

Tridrakious (on 14 November 2010)

The Elite 360 went from $399 to $299. That's a price cut. Yes the Pro model was discontinued, but it also went from $299 to $249. I didn't say they were effective, but the 360 did have price cuts last year as well.

gustave154 (on 14 November 2010)

last picture its nov 28 not nov 18 xD

Seece (on 14 November 2010)

Tridrakious it was just the elite console morphing into the pro after it being discontinued another way to put it, the pro model adding a black skin and extra 60gig space. The market only really response to price cuts to the baseline en mass.

Tridrakious (on 14 November 2010)

Why do people forget that the 360 did have a price cut last year? The Elite 360 went from $399 to $299....if that's not a price cut, what is it?

disolitude (on 13 November 2010)

@4k1x3r Also keep in mind that Xbox 360 had no official price cut since 2008

4k1x3r (on 13 November 2010)

PS3 performance with a year old slim is awesome and Move. Let's not forget that the X360 is cumulating X360 Slim and Kinect on the same year, sperated by less than 6 months.

darthdevidem01 (on 13 November 2010)

I am happy with PS3 performance

postofficebuddy (on 13 November 2010)

Things are looking quite interesting. Where will things stand when it's all said and done at the end of the year? I still don't think 360 will top holiday 2008 but it should still end the year comfortably up over 1.5 million over it. The Wii's situation is just too hard to predict although looking at the future forecast and beyond I really can't see a situation where it ends with less than a 3 million YOY loss, and that's being very optimistic. With GT5's Black Friday release am I the only one thinking that PS3 could be seeing some supply problems in December? 15 million is almost looking like a certainty at this point.