The Most Pirated DS Games Are...

by Gabriel Franco, posted on 09 June 2010 / 3,539 Views


According to CESA, Pokémon Platinum was illegally downloaded 2,071,006 times causing a loss of US$103 million,  Pokemon: Diamond is in the second spot 1,862,899 downloads.


 Here is the list of the top downloaded games:

Pokémon Platinum

2,071,006 Downloads worth ¥9.5 billion (US$103 million).

Pokémon Diamond


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies
1,551,085 downloads worth 8,835 million yen ($97 million).

Mario Party DS
1,470,231 downloads worth  6,722 million yen ($74 million).

New Super Mario Bros.
1,455,577 downloads worth 6,655 million yen ($73 million).

Mario Kart
1,447,781 downloads worth 6,619 million yen ($72 million).

Pokemon: SoulSilver
1,129,469 worth 5,164 million yen ($56 million).

CESA reports a total of 19,347,668 downloads for the top twenty DS games and 86 billion yen ($941 million) in damages.

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Tammi (on 01 July 2011)

Wow, I had no idea that there were so many illegally downloaded games. Nintendo better find a way to stop this and fast......

BlogWriter (on 27 February 2011)

According to the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) Pokemon Platinum is the most pirated Nintendo DS game in the country. CESA's numbers put the title at 2,071,006 illegal downloads and increasing day by day. You can play original games on <a href="">Used Macbook</a> which will give you extra pleasure to play original games.

Galaki (on 03 August 2010)

And what happens to those that download just for the sake of downloading. Archiving just because they can, LOL.

wiilicious (on 11 July 2010)

This is ridiculous...People don't get it. If we still want to have a healthy and strong gaming industries we need to support our studios, publishers and developers. The last time I played a pirated game was 15 years ago. I'm tired of seeing all those teens and young adults with their iphone and console modded thinking everything is suppose to be free because some dude crack the os of a system on the web. I pay for every single song I download on the web bcs i want to support the artist I loved and we should all do the same!!!

PS3FTWLUF (on 11 June 2010)

wow that's a lot but the psp has more damage since the user base is half of ds and still more piracy they really should do something about it... or not :)

zzamaro (on 10 June 2010)

Big numbers for both PSP and DS.

Fernicum (on 10 June 2010)

It's also an indication of the World Economic Crisis that World leaders are trying to put a band aid over. I don't think it's the other way around that these downloads cause the Crisis. The game industry doesn't provide many jobs.

Fernicum (on 10 June 2010)

It's also an indication of the World Economic Crisis that World leaders are trying to put a band aid over. I don't think it's the other way around that these downloads cause the Crisis. The game industry doesn't provide many jobs.

kingofbubba (on 10 June 2010)

@ usrevenge umm, just because games are being pirated that means that the games are "bad" or aren't "worth it to purchase"? So you're telling me that if Nintedo made the most out-of-this-world-best-fantastic-amazing DS game ever that there would be zero pirating? I don't think so. I'm not trying to upset anyone at all with's just kinda funny to me: I know I grew up just ahead of the pokemon craze generation (and of course more than simply those who are younger than me are also legitimately interested in those games), but they were always "kid's games" to me. The really weird thing is that--even though that generation is much older now--the pokemon demographic is still generally stuck in my mind as being really young. So it blows my mind b/c I sit here thinking of little kids pirating games and knowing way more about the tech then anything I know. And I'm thinking "dang, why are these 9 year olds such horrible pirates?!" Haha Yeah, I'm sure it isn't the whole truth, but the scary thing is it may be part of the truth.

RageBot (on 10 June 2010)

So... despite the userbase difference, there are much more PSP pirated games?

usrevenge (on 10 June 2010)

good, Wii and DS pirating. next time don't make it a joke to Mod the console. the 360 is moddable and has been done, and in that community i can say, that if you make a good game, it gets bought rather than pirated. anyways. Nintendo will be sad, but maybe if they made games worth it to buy then it wouldnt be so bad =

ghinasky (on 09 June 2010)

$ 41 B. These numbers are too modest to be honest. This is not including how many development studios closed and gone out of business due to piracy. Most of the posters here doesn't even know how piracy works for a particular country. tsk tsk Hint: It takes 1 download to reproduce 1 million copies of that particular game to be re-sold as bootleg DVDs for modded consoles. How about if that game is downloaded a million times?

ghinasky (on 09 June 2010)

You guys don't know how huge the impact of piracy has on world economy don't you? Go to South East Asia and South America if you wanna see the big picture. Research before you post any comments you don't understand nothing about. Pirates make more money than legitimate business outside the U.S. Poor people out number all the major game markets combined by billions. Illegal software business is as big as illegal drugs business. Pirates become billionaires faster than legitimate software makers & publishers. Piracy's negative impact on a country's economy is way more than you idiots can ever comprehend.

Darc Requiem (on 09 June 2010)

I think you guys are missing the point. It's digital theft. It doesn't matter whether they would have bought it or not they are stealing something that as an established value. People steal things all the time that they wouldn't have bought, that doesn't negate the value.

Ssenkahdavic (on 09 June 2010)

@ Erik: You sir win. Of course piracy hurts video game sales, but there is NOT WAY anyone will EVER be able to put a value on it. Can you say 1 download = 1 lost sale? No. There is no way they will ever know for sure, so instead of wasting money on these pointless studies, figure out better ways to protect from piracy!

Erik (on 09 June 2010)

Lost potential = damage? So if when you wear a condom, you should be charged for murder.

Kai Master (on 09 June 2010)

the dollar lost side is stupid, every one knows that a pirated game is not a lost in sale, in Europe 50% of DS owners have R4 and don't buy their games, but they would never buy them if piracy was impossible.

Kai Master (on 09 June 2010)

only in Japan or WW?

Rawnchie14 (on 09 June 2010)

Phew, savage.

RLPComboKing (on 09 June 2010)

People need to get out of their parents basements and get jobs so they can bye games themselfs. What a bunch of Faggots

mysticwolf (on 09 June 2010)

If they know the exact number of times it was pirated, then why can't they stop it? First of all how do they figure out the exact number of times it was pirated? Wow, all that is like 10 million downloads. Sheesh. Piracy is a bigger problem than I thought...

FantasySky (on 09 June 2010)

thats gota heart nintendo big time lol

spynx (on 09 June 2010)

Also these units were sold Pokémon Platinum ------------------ 6.95mil Pokémon Diamond ------------------ 17.49mil Dragon Quest IX ---------------------- 4.30mil Mario Party DS ----------------------- 6.60mil New Super Mario Bros. ------------- 22.00mil Mario Kart ---------------------------- 18.07mil Pokemon: SoulSilver ---------------- 7.76mil Each of the titles sold more as they were pirated. In Conclusion; The more a game is sold the more it is pirated. If a game is not pirated, then it would be in oblivion. There is a relationship between piracy and sales of the games here.

non-gravity (on 09 June 2010)

I think these numbers are much too low.

LokeSTL (on 09 June 2010)

@Burning Typhoon - Property has value. Digital media is still property. Every unit stolen is a negative sale. Whether they would have bought it or not is not relevant. The company stolen from is OWED for each pirated copy of the game. So if a billion dollars worth of property(even virtual) has been stolen, and they can't collect on it, it is a loss of a billion dollars worth. Semantics doen't change that fact. The numbers are correct whether the pirates would have bought them otherwise or not.

Nirvana_Nut85 (on 09 June 2010)

I'd love to see where they are getting there data for these figures because if you check any major private sharing torrent site there are at most 800 or so dl's of the game's (pokemon) while some have at most 200 (360 games usually have a higher dl rate in comparison to ds. So unless there is 2000- 2600 torrent sites with 800 to 1000 or so downloads (using pokemon platinum as an example), there's a good chance these numbers are propagated. I'd say realistically the actual figures are more likely a quarter to half of what they posted.

PEICanada7 (on 09 June 2010)

"Well, if the game wasn't able to be pirated in the 1st place, and people would be forced to buy, who's to say they wouldn't just forget about it altogether?" Well in the perfect world, those people wouldn't be aloud to have the game in any form. They're not entitled to play the game, so if they don't intend to buy it, then don't download and play it either. I get a kick out of people, who try to justify why people are aloud to pirate thing.

Burning Typhoon (on 09 June 2010)

Well, if the game wasn't able to be pirated in the 1st place, and people would be forced to buy, who's to say they wouldn't just forget about it altogether? If it can't be pirated, the person wont play or buy it at all.. So, the estimate on money lost isn't accurate.

Ostro (on 09 June 2010)

wow, 1 billion, just on the top20. At least not every pirate plays the games really much

LokeSTL (on 09 June 2010)

@Shoestar - What about if there were no OTHER games to pirate? Would they quit playing games altogether? Doubt it. More likely that they would steal game A rather than buy game B. And I'm sure if those friends were Pokemon fans and couldn't steal the game they would buy it, even if they waited for it to hit the bargain bin. So yes, in one way or another, it has definitely done damage.

LokeSTL (on 09 June 2010)

@MattAnderson - A loss is a loss. Sure, maybe 50% of them may not have bought the games, but that still leaves $500 million. The point is that pirates are doing a lot of damage. It's not like they can knock on every thief's door and get an honest answer as to if they would have made the purchase if the game weren't easily shopliftable. The real question for me is: What does this translate into? Less games being made, or increased prices to account for the lost sales or hightened security?

NightDragon83 (on 09 June 2010)

Pirates sure do love their Mario and Pokemon lol!

curl-6 (on 09 June 2010)

Are we doing to get one of these for each console? Can't wait to see the PSP one. *gets popcorn*

Shoestar (on 09 June 2010)

Knowing a lot of people who pirate games... if they can't pirate the game, they still won't buy it. Hence, it's not really much damage.

MattAnderson (on 09 June 2010)

The real question is whether or not those pirates would have bought the game had they not been able to pirate it. If they wouldn't have payed for the game no matter what than there was no loss incurred for the publishers.