BIT.TRIP RUNNER Gets Release Dates and New Trailer

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 04 May 2010 / 1,075 Views

Gaijin Games has announced the release dates for their upcoming WiiWare rhythm-platformer BIT.TRIP RUNNER, along with an apology to Europe and Australia.  You see, Europeans and Australians had to wait an extra month to get their hands on BIT.TRIP BEAT and BIT.TRIP CORE, and they even had to endure a three month delay before they could play BIT.TRIP VOID.  To make up for all their waiting, they will be getting BIT.TRIP RUNNER a whole three days before America.  Now they'll be able to download it on Friday while those pesky American gamers have to wait a whole weekend until they can get it on Monday, when it will already be old news.

Gaijin Games was kind enough to explain this with a nifty little diagram:

Have no idea what all this BIT.TRIP BUSINESS is?  It's a series of games that almost have nothing to do with each other, but they all share a similar retro-meets-rhythm-gaming philosophy and style.  You can check out our preview of BIT.TRIP RUNNER from the Game Developers' Conference in March, or better yet, the hot new trailer below:

And there's still no word on whether the Australian release of the game makes you run in the opposite direction.

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I like Bacon (on 05 May 2010) where is the new trailer? I only see the trailer from March 4th. Did some site finally put it up 2 months late and acted like it was new when it's over 2 months old? :-(

andremop (on 05 May 2010)

Now those are graphics!

themizarkshow (on 05 May 2010)

I can't freakin wait. You are my favorite person of the day, Evan. Feel beloved.

The Ghost of RubangB (on 05 May 2010)

@Linkasf, the game makes you run forever, so yes it forces you to keep going straight. You can never stop. You control jumping, sliding, hitting, using your shield, and you must do them all to the rhythm of the music (and the rhythm of the level design for that matter, since that's the whole point). It has over 50 levels. It's 600 Nintendo Points.

Linkasf (on 05 May 2010)

WTF? Okay some parts of this are referencing Adventure Island xD But does this game force u to keep going straight? Btw music sounds very old school. Not sure if i'd get this though. I wonder how long this game is?

Smeags (on 05 May 2010)

Neat Super Meat Boy cameo at 1:28! ^_^ Looks like a fun game. I loved Beat, and since this is some platforming in it (along with the music/rhythm elements), I'll probably get this as well. :-)

gvangoeverden (on 04 May 2010)

I love the music

uno (on 04 May 2010)

this makes my heartlight turn on.