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Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase Posts a Message Following E3

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase Posts a Message Following E3 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 July 2019 / 2,287 Views

 Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase has released a message to fans following the end of E3 2019 in a new blog post that discusses the development on the game.

Read the complete message below:

While the development team finish the first game in the project, we are continuing to plan and outline the overall volume of content for the second.

Due to the work already done on the first game we anticipate development of the second game to be more efficient. We have our own internal schedule and plan, but for now we’d like to focus our information on the first game in the project.

The key creative values of the core FINAL FANTASY series are innovation, pushing boundaries and surprising players, this project shares these same values and the development team view it as the next mainline FINAL FANTASY release.

For the original core members of the development team, simply recreating the original game with improved graphics wasn’t enough to get us invested and excited about remaking VII. To return, we want to go beyond the original, telling a deeper story and providing a modern gaming experience. We really want to go above and beyond what is expected of a remake.

As well as some of the core members of the original development team, we also have a dedicated in-house team of international gaming talent. Many of our new team members were young fans who played the original VII when it was first released. It’s very exciting and exhilarating to work with this talented team on such an ambitious project.

The first game in the project takes place in the eclectic city of Midgar, we chose to focus on Midgar as it best represents the world of VII as a location more than any other. Midgar is full of imagination with myriad influences and surprises around every corner.

While many people may think that Midgar is very dark at first glance, we have a design aesthetic where the city has strong elements of colour and variety. The lighting and colouring we are using throughout Midgar accentuate what is unique about FINAL FANTASY VII’s world. We decided not to use a photo-realistic approach with the design, but instead something more stylised, honouring the artistic designs and choices of the original.

A lot has changed since the release of the original FINAL FANTASY VII. Back then we didn’t have access to things like voice acting, performance and motion capture, or close-up cameras outside of cut-scenes. For FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE there’s a greater emphasis on character storytelling through the use of these techniques as well as some other new tech. This allows us to make these characters more expressive than ever, enhancing the levels of immersion and enjoyment through performance.

In REMAKE we are giving voice to the original FINAL FANTASY VII for the first time. By bringing in a new generation of actors, we hope to provide the best experience for original fans and new players.

For the gameplay, we are aiming to create a new take on classic concepts with an accessible evolution of the ATB system giving you greater action with tactical control.

The system we’ve created retains the strategic decisions of controlling multiple party members, allowing you to select from a wide range of abilities and spells. You can control your favourite character while issuing orders to others, or leave them to AI. And choose when to switch to a different party member to make best use of their unique abilities in battle. This allows all players to choose and enjoy your favourite way of playing.

Finally, yes we still have Materia. You can use it to tailor your play style and abilities.

We’ll go into greater detail on lots more gameplay elements as we get closer to the release next year. For now, I hope you are all excited by what we revealed at E3 and we look forward to sharing more news and updates with you across the year ahead.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will launch worldwide for PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

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StreaK (on 15 June 2019)

Just take my money already! The hype for me right now is just through the roof. The aesthetics of the game are absolutely phenomenal. I couldn't be more happy with how the game looks. And now that pretty much everyone I've checked out that has played the game states how incredible the battle system is, I'm confident it'll play just as great as it looks. FFVII is going to save Final Fantasy. Who knows, after they're finished with FF7R we'll probably be seeing more FF games with a proper battle system. 03-03-2020 cannot possibly come soon enough.

deskpro2k3 (on 16 June 2019)

I'm getting the 1st class, and deluxe edition.

The Fury (on 15 June 2019)

Yeah but that means we won't see Cait Sith or Cid until the second game and I just don't think I can handle that.

StokedUp (on 15 June 2019)

From what I've read on twitter from the people that have played the demo at e3, they absolutely love the battle system so I don't think we no longer have to worry about it anymore. The only thing that concerns me is when the other parts will be out, it's took this long to finish the part of the game that is just midgar, there's so much more to do, I'm pretty sure the part 2 will be a PS5/scarlett primary game. Just hope we're not waiting for along as with have for the first part.

HoangNhatAnh (on 15 June 2019)

Yeah,E3 2015 - March 2020 is almost 5 years. Now part 2 will take less time, consider Square Enix track record, 3 - 4 years instead

  • 0
gemini_d@rk (on 14 June 2019)

Summons, bahamut, kotr, leviathan, shiva, ifriit, i want!

Ganoncrotch (on 15 June 2019)

Considering the fact that you do not get any summon materia until you reach the Chocobo Ranch in the original FF7 it would be strange if you were to have something like Leviathan (a late stage d1) or KOTR (a Disc 3) summon before the year 2025 in terms of releases, considing that the first section of the FF7:Remake they're putting out covers around the first 5 hours of the original 50 hour game.

  • 0
Immersiveunreality (on 15 June 2019)

Those you most likely will not see in Midgar but they might add a few small ones considering the more fleshed out approach they take on this remake.

  • 0
Hynad (on 15 June 2019)

Based on the bonus stuff you get if you pre-order the game, we will get minor summon materias like Carbuncle, Chocobo Chick and Cactuar. So summons will definitely be part of the first game.

  • 0