Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Debuts in 2nd on Japanese Charts, Switch Sells 124,770 Units

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Debuts in 2nd on Japanese Charts, Switch Sells 124,770 Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 December 2017 / 3,194 Views

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 debuted in second on the Japanese charts with sales of 97,732 units, according to Media Create for the week ending December 3.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon remained in first with sales of 107,657 units.

The Switch was the best-selling platform with sales 124,770 units. The 3DS sold 36,238 units, the PS4 sold 33,407 units, and the PlayStation Vita sold 6,127 units. The Xbox One sold 508 units, the PS3 sold 48 units and the Wii U sold 45 units.

Here is the complete top 20 chart:

  1. [3DS] Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon (Nintendo, 11/17/17) – 107,657 (944,074)
  2. [NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Limited Edition Included) (Nintendo, 12/01/17) – 97,732 (New)
  3. [NSW] Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo, 10/27/17) – 61,596 (853,654)
  4. [NSW] Splatoon 2 (Nintendo, 07/21/17) – 36,246 (1,409,776)
  5. [3DS] Kirby: Battle Royale (Nintendo, 11/30/17) – 28,023 (New)
  6. [PS4] Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi (Koei Tecmo, 11/30/17) – 27,230 (New)
  7. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo, 04,28,17) – 23,388 (861,238)
  8. [PS4] Call of Duty: WWII (SIE, 11/03/17) – 15,505 (306,501)
  9. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo+ (Nintendo, 11/23/16) – 13,068 (294,639)
  10. [NSW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Limited Edition Included) (Nintendo, 03/03/17) – 11,634 (668,649)
  11. [3DS] Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon Double Pack (Nintendo, 11/17/17) – 10,872 (278,952)
  12. [3DS] Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates (Spike Chunsoft, 11/30/17) – 8,353 (New)
  13. [PS4] Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time (Bandai Namco, 11/30/17) – 8,069 (New)
  14. [NSW] Resident Evil Revelations Collection (Capcom, 11/30/17) – 6,540 (New)
  15. [3DS] Style Savvy: Styling Star (Nintendo, 11/03/17) – 6,450 (61,055)
  16. [PS4] Star Wars Battlefront II (Deluxe Edition Included) (EA, 11/17/17) – 5,886 (55,389)
  17. [NSW] Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi (Koei Tecmo, 11/30/17) – 5,636 (New)
  18. [PS4] Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Future Tone DX (Limited Edition Included) (Sega, 11/23/17) – 5,579 (40,475)
  19. [PS4] Gran Turismo Sport (Limited Edition Included) (SIE, 10/19/17) – 5,542 (198,985)
  20. [NSW] 1-2-Switch (Nintendo, 03/03/17) – 4,758 (287,866)

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OTBWY (on 06 December 2017)

[WiiU] Xenoblade Chronicles X - 85,586 copies. [Wii] Xenoblade Chronicles - 82.952 copies. Better than Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles debut.

Gamer147 (on 06 December 2017)

Good to see XC 2 is doing well.

Ggordon (on 06 December 2017)

The switch is dominating in japan

Juma009 (on 06 December 2017)

Digital...another 15-20k?

tripenfall (on 06 December 2017)

Off topic I know, but look at those Splatoon 2 numbers for Japan!

PAOerfulone (on 06 December 2017)

About what I expected from Xenoblade 2. Was hoping for a little higher, (Like actually cracking the 100k mark), but beggars can't be choosers. Should be able to to reach 200k, I believe.

method114 (on 06 December 2017)

Guarantee it cracked 100k with digital included.

  • +2
KManX89 (on 06 December 2017)

It deserves every bit of the success and more.

Ajax (on 07 December 2017)


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Iveyboi (on 06 December 2017)

Japan sucks for all sales now, Final Fantasy, etc. Only good for Pokemon. Bought my copy here in Canada (of X2)

Ljink96 (on 06 December 2017)

What are you talking about? This game beat the FW sales of Xenoblade Chronicles 1, and X in Japan. Add in digital and it's well over 100,000FW in Japan which isn't great but it isn't terrible either.

  • +11
OTBWY (on 06 December 2017)

Right. All it has to do is sell over 160K and it will have beaten the highest selling Xenoblade game LT.

  • +6
Nem (on 06 December 2017)

I think you're all misunderstanding him. He means compared to SNES and PSX days. Especially FF and DQ, it's a big difference. But, it's due to the shifts that happened in the market.

  • 0
Ljink96 (on 06 December 2017)

But how are we supposed to know that? Nothing about the SNES or PSX was mentioned. I didn't downvote him but Japan still has good sales for its series. And we really didn't know if he was referring to JRPGS only or all genres of games. Saying it sucks for "all sales"is kinda cruddy.

Animal Crossing New Leaf sold 5M units in Japan, Yokai Watch does well, a lot of Nintendo's 1st party does well, Monster Hunter, etc. So I don't know if he was referring to JRPGs exclusively or what.

  • +1
flashfire926 (on 07 December 2017)

I think you guys are misunderstanding him. He means that the game discounts in Japan arent as good. Thats what he meant by "sales"

  • +1
Ljink96 (on 07 December 2017)

Is a brand new game supposed to be on sale? I guess I'm just confused. Final Fantasy XV is well on sale by now.

  • +1