Pokken Tournament DX Sells Only 41% of Shipment in Japan

Pokken Tournament DX Sells Only 41% of Shipment in Japan - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 October 2017 / 2,125 Views

Pokken Tournament DX (NS) sold 53,395 units in its first week at retail in Japan, however, that is only 41.39 percent of the initial shipment from Nintendo, according to Media Create's weekly analysis.

First week sales of the game were about 75 percent of what the Wii U version sold in its first week. 


Media Create added that the Wii U version ended up selling 179,000 units in its lifetime, so it is likely the copies still in store shelves will be over over the long term.

Thanks DualShockers.

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Green098 (on 02 October 2017)

Although only 41%, still did 75% the original did massively better than Marvel vs Capcom Infinite which is a whole brand new title. Unlike Pokkén DX which is technically a port of a port (Arcaded to Wii U and now Switch).

greencactaur (on 02 October 2017)

No big deal. This will be a game that will sell over time. To be honest I can see it surpassing the Wii U version. Considering the U only had a 13m install base and sold 1.6m, it is highly likely that the Switch version can hit 2m.

OTBWY (on 02 October 2017)

Launching on the same day with DBXenoverse 2 in Europe isn't going to help either. But yeah, it will keep pacing along.

Jranation (on 02 October 2017)

It seems like Japanese players ar enot tired of Splatoon yet....... lol

AngryLittleAlchemist (on 02 October 2017)

Doesn't really matter honestly. It will keep selling. Selling a tad worse then Wii U's version initially is not surprising. Who knows, it might even pass the Wii U version lifetime. Either way, doesn't matter.

Ganoncrotch (on 02 October 2017)

Considering this is a port over of a WiiU game I'd be confident that any sales on the Switch will be easy to achieve a profit on the move to bring it to the Switch.

gcwy (on 02 October 2017)

Maybe I'm reaching but is Pikachu doing a Nazi salute lol?

poroporo (on 02 October 2017)

Wrong arm

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