Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 is 'Progressing'

Miyamoto: Pikmin 4 is 'Progressing' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 15 June 2017 / 5,927 Views

Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about Pikmin 4 by Eurogamer and while he was not able to share any information on the game, he did say development on the game was "progressing."

"I've been told not to share anything about this from PR, but I can tell you it is progressing," aid Miyamoto.

Miyamoto first mentioned the game in July 2015. "It's actually very close to completion," Miyamoto said at the time. "Pikmin teams are always working on the next one."

Nintendo later confirmed the game was in development, ""We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present."

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mZuzek (on 15 June 2017)

Truly amazing how they go from "very close to completion" to "it's progressing".

Johnw1104 (on 17 June 2017)

That's why Miyamoto is a "Creative Fellow" and not in charge of scheduling lol

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DevilRising (on 15 June 2017)

Well hopefully it's "progressing" with the multiple save files, camera zoom, actual treasure hunting, and manual swarming that they forgot to put into Pikmin 3. It was an ok game, but it was almost as if the development team had never played the first two.

NintendoPie (on 15 June 2017)

Maybe we'll see the title for it next E3 as well as it being "in development!"

Paul (on 19 June 2017)

Nice!!! Pikmin is the bomb!!!!

Redguy (on 15 June 2017)

I wonder is the controls gonna be like splatoon motion controls or there is only analog controls

SR388 (on 15 June 2017)

I predict that Retro Studios is currently developing Pikmin 4.

Johnw1104 (on 15 June 2017)

I'm honestly glad it's not coming out soon as I can see zero room in my schedule for yet another must-play game lol, what I saw from Sony and Nintendo at E3 suggests to me that I'll be quite busy. Otherwise, Pikmin is really charming and unique gameplay-wise in a way unlike any other franchise I can think of, and I'm glad we're not going to have another decade-long wait.