Rumour: SNES Mini to Launch Later This Year

Rumour: SNES Mini to Launch Later This Year - News

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted on 19 April 2017 / 9,904 Views

Nintendo recently announced that it is discontinuing the NES Mini, but according to sources that have spoken to Eurogamer, Nintendo is set to launch a SNES Mini later this year, which would make sense considering how well received the NES Mini was.

Apparently development on the SNES Mini is already underway and Nintendo hopes to launch it just in time for Christmas 2017. Eurogamer's source indicates that this is a contributing factor as to why the Mini NES has been discontinued, although Nintendo has said that it never intended the Mini NES to be a long-term product anyway.

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Bandorr (on 19 April 2017)

Yeah another console that will be very hard to find, and get cancelled prematurely, Hope they include Earthbound.

Shadowcat (on 20 April 2017)

And maybe they learned some stuff about how to handle these retro re-issues. (Hint: Hey Nintendo people will buy millions of these things at more expensive than you were selling it for. So put like 50 games on it this time, Jack the price up to $80 and sell like 5 million in a year ;)

DevilRising (on 20 April 2017)

They handled the NES Mini so well, I'm sure the SNES Mini will be every bit as worthwhile, with a tiny chord, and even tinier availability. If Nintendo was going to pull stunts like this, you'd think they'd actually WANT everyone who wants one to be able to get one. Instead, they constrain supply, or are flat out too inept to maintain supply, so they cancel it. And now they expect people to buy in all over again.

Azuren (on 19 April 2017)

I'm so surprised. You see this? This is my surprised face =|

WagnerPaiva (on 19 April 2017)

Here is my dream list for the games: 1 -Super Mario World 2 -F Zero 3 -Final Fantasy 5 4 - Final Fantasy 6 5 - Super Castlevania 4 6 - Donkey Kong Country. 7 - Super Metroid. 8 - Legend of Zelda - A link to the Past. 9 - Earthbound. 10 - Super Mario All Stars 11 - Star Fox. 12 - Cybernator. 13 - Chrono Trigger. 14 - Front Mission. 15 - Treasure Hunter G. 16 - Dragon Quest 1 and 2.

Dyllyo (on 19 April 2017)

I want this and all but: SCREW NINTENDO

snyps (on 19 April 2017)

Any rumor Eurogamer leaks about Nintendo is not going to happen