Report: Nintendo to Double Switch Production for Fiscal Year Ending March 2018

Report: Nintendo to Double Switch Production for Fiscal Year Ending March 2018 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 March 2017 / 11,929 Views

Nintendo plans to double the production of the Nintendo Switch for the fiscal year ending March 2018, according to internal sources briefed on the plans who spoke with The Wall Street Journal.

The gaming giant had originally planned to ship eight million Switch units by the end of March 2018, however, it has now been increased to 16 million units.

That figure is more than the Wii U sold has sold in over four years on the market. It is behind the Wii, which sold 20 million units in its first 13 months. However, the Wii did have two holiday periods during that timeframe. 

Nintendo has doubled the figures due to higher than expected demand for the console. The company plans to sell more than 10 million units in the next fiscal, following the launch month where it plans to ship 2.5 million units. 

Nintendo has not provided any sales figures for the Switch, however, we do know it has sold 330,000 units in Japan,and 80,000 units in the UK. A report from SuperData says the Switch has sold an estimated 1.5 million units worldwide. 

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Luke888 (on 17 March 2017)

Great to hear since so many people had problems finding one, let's hope the sales keep up to the pace set by the first week and don't drop too hard...

xl-klaudkil (on 17 March 2017)

16 mill is more then ps4 did. Just think about that

Trunkin (on 17 March 2017)

Lol, I have no idea why this post was bombarded with down thumbs.

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ship31 (on 17 March 2017)

I liked ur comment because I love u

  • +9
monocle_layton (on 18 March 2017)

downvote me plz

  • +13
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Miguel_Zorro (on 19 March 2017)

What did the PS4 sell over its first 13 months?

  • +5
JWeinCom (on 19 March 2017)

In the first 13 months PS4 sold just about 15.5. That's assuming the numbers are correct, and that's sold not shipped.

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KLAMarine (on 17 March 2017)

Now that Nintendo will be charging for online, much to my displeasure, it's important that Switch units get out there.

Fuchigole (on 18 March 2017)

Those are great news for Nintendo!

monocle_layton (on 17 March 2017)

A lot of people will mention the Wii u, but keep in mind Wii U stock was basically loaded after the first month sizzled out. Let's wait and see if the switch will keep momentum or not before judging

nanarchy (on 18 March 2017)

MY concern here is it is far to early too know yet whether the initial success will be sustained, I hope it will but I wold think a gradual ramp up rather than planning to double it would be a safer bet.

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monocle_layton (on 18 March 2017)

on the bright side, they can always do price cuts if it suddenly plummets. They thought this out well. With the X1 chip being very cheap to produce, chances are they can put a price cut on this sooner than expected.

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gtaguidelng (on 18 March 2017)

Let us judge right away because you know human nature.

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Johnw1104 (on 17 March 2017)

It's a better launch than I hoped for... If it has even mediocre legs between now and the holiday season it will certainly have exceeded my more cautious expectations. Btw... any word on the Nes Classic? Still waiting on them lol

bonzobanana (on 17 March 2017)

Still seems too early to judge the success of Switch but I guess Nintendo can always drop the price anyway if demand slows down.

markodeniro (on 17 March 2017)

This thing is going to sell 200m

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Lawlight (on 19 March 2017)

PS4 first full fiscal year was 17.90M - source is below. 16M < 17.9M Obviously it will peak this fiscal year where it already sold 17.1M in 3 quarters so probably gonna sell 20M.

JWeinCom (on 19 March 2017)

The upper number for FY14 is the total hardware sales. Bottom number in PS4 sales. PS4 sold 14.8 in FY14.

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Lawlight (on 18 March 2017)

The PS4 sold 17.9M in its first full fiscal year.

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PAOerfulone (on 19 March 2017)

Pretty sure it was around 3-4 million less than that, pal.
The PS4's peak year (2nd full year) did 17.5

  • +3