[UPDATED] Fez 2 Cancelled after Huge Twitter Row

[UPDATED] Fez 2 Cancelled after Huge Twitter Row - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 27 July 2013 / 5,457 Views

You really couldn't make this stuff up. I'll try and summarise the key timeline of events as best I can. Here goes:

On the latest episode of GameTrailers' show Invisible Walls, Marcus Beer (of Annoyed Gamer fame) called out the indie developers of Braid (Jonathan Blow) and Fez (Phil Fish) for rudely refusing to supply Game Informer with their opinions on Microsoft's recent indie policy reversal for Xbox One.

Blow's response to the Game Informer request was as follows:

Meanwhile Fish's reply was:

In response to Beer's rant on Invisible Walls, Fish decided to have a rant of his own on Twitter:


However, having savaged Beer, Fish then changes tack completely:

Before completely losing the plot and cancelling his own game:

A move subsequently confirmed on the game's official Twitter feed:

[UPDATE] - it looks as though Fez II is indeed cancelled and Fish is leaving the industry. He posted the following on his site today:


Like I said, you couldn't make it up. As of right now Fez 2 is cancelled, and all because of a row on Twitter. For complete coverage of the proceedings check out NeoGAF's dedicated thread here

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