FFX/X-2 HD Comes to Vita in March, Gets PS3 Collector's Edition

FFX/X-2 HD Comes to Vita in March, Gets PS3 Collector's Edition - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 16 December 2013 / 2,919 Views

Previously, the Vita versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD were left in the lurch with an unspecified release date. Today that fate changed for the HD duo, as Square Enix announced that they will be released alongside the PlayStation 3 versions (March 18th, 2014 in North America, March 21st, 2014 in Europe and Australia). 

The Vita versions of the game will be available both digitally and physically, however, if you choose to purchase the physical copy, only Final Fantasy X HD will be on the game card - the box will contain a redeemable code for Final Fantasy X-2 HD. Both titles have cross-save functionality with the PS3 versions, but do not have cross-buy. The games will be sold as a package deal for $40/£29.99 via both methods of delivery.

Sure, this is nice...

If you prefer to purchase the duology on PlayStation 3, Square Enix is offering a Collector's Edition. Europe's collector's edition includes a 48-page artbook with concept art from the games, notes from the development teams and from producer Yoshinori Kitase.

...we win this time, Europe.

North America gets a slightly different artbook (40 pages) in their collector's edition, but Square Enix also added a six-hour soundtrack Blu-Ray with music set to images from the game and five lithographs of iconic moments from X and X-2. This one will only be available at the Square Enix Online Store.

In addition to cross save, both versions of and X-2 feature PlayStation Trophy support and a remastered soundtrack.

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