To the Moon Gets Free DLC

To the Moon Gets Free DLC "Minisode" - News

by Karl Koebke, posted on 01 January 2014 / 1,275 Views

To the Moon is easily the best narrative-focused game I've ever played, and waiting for new content in any form from its creator Kan Gao and Freebird Games is pretty painful.  Thankfully, the holidays have brought a little respite, with a free minisode in the same universe as To the Moon which you can find here.

The Minisode follows Eva and Neil at their job in the local branch of the Sigmund Corporation.  It's meant to be more light-hearted To The Moon, so don't expect to be crying your eyes out, but it does touch on parts of Eva and Neil's daily lives that weren't touched on in the main game.  

The game's creator, Kan Gao, also touches briefly on A Bird's Story in his news post (A Bird's Story is meant to be an intermediate episode between To the Moon and its true successor), apologizing for the delay and noting that some new tracks have been added to the OST that people can preview.  

Incidentally, To The Moon is currenlty on sale on Steam as part of the 2013 holiday sale. You can find it here.

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