Nintendo Force Turns to Kickstarter to Fund 2014 Issues

Nintendo Force Turns to Kickstarter to Fund 2014 Issues - News

by Jared Katz, posted on 28 January 2014 / 3,295 Views

With the death of the long-time running magazine Nintendo Power in July of 2012, for the first time in 24 years there was no Nintendo-dedicated magazine in the US. In 2013 Nintendo Force was born. Unlike Nintendo Power this magazine is bi-monthly and is independent of Nintendo. The Magazine has now gone to Kickstarter to help assure they have the funds to print, package and send out their 2014 physical issues.

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The campaign is asking $49,000 to help fund them for another year. Only 30 minutes after start of the campaign they had already received over $8,800, with 45 more days to go. There are currently 3 known stretch goals: a Fold-Out Poster March/April Issue (52k), Production Budgets for all issues (59k), and a Fold-Out Poster May/June (62k). As a celebration for the campaign's launch, Nintendo Force is selling its January/February issue for the next 40 hours at the reduced price of 99 cents for the Digital and $4.99 for the physical version. 

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