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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 23 January 2014 / 7,906 Views

We are giving away 2 highly sought after copies of The Banner Saga, the critically acclaimed epic Viking RPG strategy game for PC and Mac. For your chance to win, please leave a comment telling us why you'd like a copy of the game - the two best answers will win the Steam codes!

The Banner Saga

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CaEl (on 06 February 2014)

Who won?

rubido (on 26 January 2014)

Here are two cats hugging ( Now give me my steam code!!! :D

GamingGuy1802 (on 25 January 2014)

Because I want to play it and can't stand Candy Crush Saga!!

Dawid500 (on 25 January 2014)


Dawid500 (on 25 January 2014)

I'd like a copy of the Banner Saga because I love challenging games that kick my ass. That's why I play Football Manager to this day.^^

mackerelsan (on 25 January 2014)

I've been saving up for a better PC for a while now and I haven't been able to buy any videogames in the last few months. I'm a big fan of tactical games like FFT and the original X-Com titles, so I'd love to get a chance to play this game.

yogfei (on 25 January 2014)

I hope I win because I love the epicness of Vikings warrior, strategy game i my favourite genre, It's my girlfriends anniversary and it could be a great gift , I never win anything online ever now is "perhaps" my time :) I can give you a million reason the best one is : I'm French, I'm arrogant I deserve it ! (Ironie here ;) )

yogfei (on 25 January 2014)

I forgot I thunb up all the other participant i'm fairplay ;)

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ManeatingCouch (on 25 January 2014)

I want the game. I don't deserve it, but I'd enjoy playing it.

PayaV87 (on 25 January 2014)

Can I have the code? I'll put a Banner on my house, and tell every stranger a heroic Saga about you, if I get one of those!

rrrnearrr (on 24 January 2014)

Because Yes.

Ganoncrotch (on 24 January 2014)

I could use a code to have a game other than TF2 on my steam library? :o plix?

radu_magus (on 24 January 2014)

I'd like a copy of the game because I love tactical games and simply can't stand Candy Crush Saga, so I think that makes me worthy.

spaeth21 (on 24 January 2014)

This is not the comment that the Banner Saga deserves, but it is the one that it needs. And as I sit smoking my imitation cuban, and sipping my harsh 12 bottle of whiskey, I'll think back and be like yes, VGchartz was my one true love, for they gave me what I always craved, but never can truly satisfy, the unquenchable thrist for another steam game in my library.

Roar_Of_War (on 24 January 2014)

Give me the code. I'll give you 30 lives.

justiceiro (on 24 January 2014)

Because I must know: if the gods of AAA original gaming are dead, why original indie games are still alive?

arthurchan35 (on 23 January 2014)

2 copies? man, free games are always welcome to be added to my steam library.

ravindr123 (on 23 January 2014)

i like to play game

Valerik (on 23 January 2014)

I should be given a code because I might go Viking LARPing to raid me a copy if not given one for free. Save both of us the trouble!

italo244 (on 23 January 2014)

I want that cuz i dont have money to buy the game, so if you guys dont give it to me, i will download 4 free. THanks :3

Euphoria14 (on 23 January 2014)

Why would I a code? Simple. I want to play the game. What more could I possibly say? Yeah, I could admit I am a long time Disgaea vet, or that I played tons of Final Fantasy Tactics. That I have a love for RPGs, especially JRPG and/or SRPG. I could mention that I play mainly strategy based titles on my iPhone and PC. I could tell you that I am actually really looking forward to adding this to my collection of SRPG titles, but that would be me bragging though about my love for the genre, so I won't mention any of that.

teamsilent13 (on 23 January 2014)

Codes for peasants. I only play AAA games.

TheLastStarFighter (on 23 January 2014)

I deserve a code because I shouldn't have to pay for a game that was clearly ripped off Candy Crush Saga, no matter how cool it looks.

UTKresh (on 23 January 2014)

Chuck Norris can win a copy of the game without even participating.

Yunta (on 23 January 2014)

The last time I played a Strategy game on pc was back in the late 90s, early 00s when Windows 98 was the best thing ever and Age of Empires ruled invincible. So yeah! I would love to try the genre on PC again.

Advigul (on 23 January 2014)


Dimmerswitch (on 23 January 2014)

As a Viking, I have felt woefully underrepresented in video games.

Vault101 (on 23 January 2014)

I love strategy games, I love RPGs, and any company willing to oppose is pretty much my hero. Candy Crush isn't a saga, it's a joke, and now it's a patent troll as well. Long live Stoic!

Jameson_Bond (on 23 January 2014)

Game looks epic! The art style is amazing, I can't wait to see my banner fly in victory over a field of corpses. House Mallister will reign supreme! Also screw Candy Crush Saga!

Rhonin the wizard (on 23 January 2014)

The premise looks interesting, I like the artstyle, I enjoy a good strategy game and I love norse mythology.

sakanakami (on 23 January 2014)

I'm always up for some turn based strategy. I love the art style and animation of this game. Most importantly, I want to support stoic and The Banner Saga. I can't wait to play this game whether I win it or buy it.

phooka (on 23 January 2014)

As someone who's only played traditional RPGs, tactical RPGs look like they provide a more strategic gameplay mechanic. I'm very interested in seeing the additional complexity. Additionally, the story decision points sound very intriguing. The art style is fantastic and looks to round out what looks to be a great game. Hopefully this would get more playing more games in the genre, perhaps the upcoming Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians.

CaEl (on 23 January 2014)

I hope to win because i love the art style, the animations and of course the type of game like Fire Emblem i never play a game like this on pc, and come on what an epic title The Banner Saga hope to see the sequels, thanks for the chance!

TheShape31 (on 23 January 2014)

Honestly I've never played a game like this. But through trailers and previews I've begun to see a strong work of art that has piqued my interest. This game is beautiful and thoughtful on so many levels, and I would be honored to receive this as a gift. Thank you for this opportunity.

JazzB1987 (on 01 February 2014)

- best answer #1 - Thank you! (left best answer #2 for someone else because I am nice and dont need two copies of that game. You are welcome person with best answer #2 )

JazzB1987 (on 01 February 2014)

- best answer #1 - Thank you! (left best answer #2 for someone else because I am nice and dont need two copies of that game. You are welcome person with best answer #2 )

bigmrmac (on 31 January 2014)

I Have to try this game because of the "Saga" it is building about itself. Candy Crush Saga creators are are suing Banner Saga/Viking Saga for copyright infringement over the "Saga" in the title... Candy Crush creators saying they know the products have nothing to do with each other since names are similar it presents a "likelihood of confusion in the marketplace." This is ridiculous and especially coming from a small mobile game to a PC game. I am going to back Banner/Viking Saga side the whole way but i also need to know what the game i am standing up for is like... I hope the competition goes well and CONGRATS to the two winners...

ListerOfSmeg (on 28 January 2014)

Best reason I can think of is because I am a gamer and I love playing games. Would really enjoy playing this and even if I don't win I will be picking it up when I have some extra cash

szczpiorek (on 28 January 2014)

I love RPG games, especially with a mature and complex storyline. I want to drown in this beautifully animated world...

rubido (on 26 January 2014)

Here are two cats hugging ( Now give me my steam code!!! :D

pezus (on 26 January 2014)

Well, I am an Icelander, a descendant of vikings. Would be totally fitting to play as my ancestors.

JazzB1987 (on 24 January 2014)

I would like to win because I really like what I have seen so far. - And Strategy/RPGs are one of my favorite genres. - Also I never ever won anything in my life so winning at least once will bring back my faith in humanity, charma and the INTERNET :) - I will also change my PS3+Wii+360 Avatar into a BannerSaga Sponsored by you guys Avatar! Or add my PC to the 3 controllers in my Avatar pic (I swear the red thing the 3 controllers are placed on is a replica of the red banner saga banner xD See how much I love that game?!) - With great power, comes great responsibility! So do the right thing and give it to me k? thanks!

Advigul (on 23 January 2014)