Nintendo: Sonic the Hedgehog Will Help Push 2DS Sales - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 16 October 2013 / 7,336 Views

Nintendo has stated that Sonic: Lost World will help push sales of the 2DS, the latest version of Nintendo's 3DS handheld. Nintendo has told MCVUK that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is kid-friendly and will help sell more of the lower priced 2DS.

"There is a lot of opportunity to engage with the younger audience on Sonic with the new entry-level Nintendo 2DS console," said Nintendo product manager Dani Robinson. "From launch to post launch we’ll be focused on kids. Peak season this year is without doubt a big celebration of Nintendo franchises and Sonic sits high on every platform gamers list of 'must play' titles."

Sonic: Lost World will be released on October 18 in Europe, October 24 in Japan and October 29 in North America for the 3DS and Wii U. It is also one of three exclusive Sonic games for Nintendo platforms.

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snyps (on 16 October 2013)

I've never been more excited about a Sonic game or any other Nintendo game coming this year. The hype has me.

JaxxRaxor (on 17 October 2013)

I think the Wii U needs more help than the 2DS. Although I expect Nintendo wants Super Mario 3D World to help with Wii U sales this holiday season.

vkaraujo (on 16 October 2013)

It will not be as great as Zelda and Pokemon as a system seller, but i want it and think it will indeed give a small boost for sales.

t3mporary_126 (on 16 October 2013)

Did they just say Sonic is kiddier than Pokemon by exclusing Pokemon?

BlkPaladin (on 16 October 2013)

Not really. They are trying to advertise a 3rd party title and trying not to compare it with what will be one of the years best selling titles.

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oniyide (on 16 October 2013)

people can downvote all the want but when was the last time a Sonic game moved any consoles? on any systems? especially since this is releasing in the shadow of Pokemon

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oniyide (on 16 October 2013) it wont