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PlayStation 4 - Launch Games

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) is a video game console from Sony Computer Entertainment. The successor to the PlayStation 3, it is an eigth generation console along with Wii U and Xbox One. Designed to attact a broader range of developers, the PS4 dropped the complicated Cell architecture for a simpler AMD processor.

The following is a list of confirmed (according to Sony) games that will be available at launch for the Playstation 4. The table will show whether the game will be released at launch in North America and/or Europe.

Angry Birds Star Wars Yes Yes
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Yes Yes
Battlefield 4 Yes Yes
Blacklight: Retribution Yes No
Call of Duty: Ghosts Yes Yes
Contrast Yes Yes
DC Universe Online Yes Yes
Escape Plan No Yes
FIFA Soccer 14 Yes Yes
flOw No Yes
flower Yes Yes
Injustice: Gods Among Us Yes Yes
Just Dance 2014 Yes Yes
Killzone: Shadow Fall Yes Yes
Knack Yes Yes
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Yes Yes
Madden NFL 25 Yes Yes
NBA 2K14 Yes Yes
NBA Live 14 No Yes
Need for Speed Rivals No Yes
Pinball Arcade No Yes
Sound Shapes Yes Yes
Super Motherload Yes No
Trine 2 Yes No
Warframe Yes No
War Thunder No Yes


Launch Window Titles

These are all of the titles that are set, for the moment, to launch sometime between the launch of the system and the end of March 2014.


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