Google: Android to Hit 1 Billion Activations by Years End - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 April 2013 / 3,112 Views

Google chairman Eric Schmidt spoke in a talk at the AllThingD's Dive into Mobile conference. He said Android is on track to reach one billion activations in six to nine months, or by the end of the year. He also expects the OS to hit two billion in one to two years.

"Our goal with Android is to reach everyone," said Schmidt. "We’ll cross one billion Android devices in six to nine months. In a year or two, we’ll hit two billion."

Schmidt stated that the goal of two billion will happen mainly due to the sale of inexpensive smartphones in Asia. He says that the low-end smartphones will only get cheaper in the next few years and it will be used as a primary way to browse the internet.

"If low-end smartphones are inexpensive now, imagine just how inexpensive they’ll be a few years from now. … A relatively inexpensive smartphone with a browser is all you need to get the world’s information. And that’s how we’re going to hit the next billion devices."


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kowenicki (on 19 April 2013)

All that cash for Microsoft... they will be pleased.

Mr Puggsly (on 18 April 2013)

I imagine the number of active phones is much smaller. I've gone through about three Android phones. I know people who have gone through like five.

pezus (on 18 April 2013)

Obviously. The same goes for iOS numbers from Apple and even sales from the Big 3.

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Argh_College (on 18 April 2013)

Well ofc most people replace phones alot and those are cheap so its normal that there are much less Active than Activations, still its na amazing number.

Argh_College (on 17 April 2013)

Outstanding. Still most devices are horrible but those high end android are amazing.