Tecmo Koei Profits Soar in Holiday Quarter - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 February 2013 / 2,433 Views

Tecmo Koei has released its quarter report for its third quarter of fiscal year 2013, which ended December 31, 2012. Revenue for the quarter increased 6.5 percent to 22.21 billion Yen, from 20.86 billion Yen during the same quarter a year ago. Tecmo Koei profited 2.61 billion Yen, which is up a massive 291.7 percent when compared to a year ago.

Video game software accounted for the majority of the revenue, 14.69 billion Yen. This is also a 9.8 percent increase. Online and mobile sales accounted for 3.81 billion Yen of the total revenue, but sales are down 10.0 percent.

Tecmo Koei also released its forecast for the full fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2013. The company expects revenue of 39.00 billion Yen, which is up 9.8 percent year-on-year. Profits are expected to increase 7.7 percent to 5.00 billion Yen.

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Kresnik (on 04 February 2013)

Well, this is some nice news to hear for a change. Good for Tecmo Koei. Although they do recycle their series and even games quite a lot, I hope they do well, because they're very good at what they do. They acquired Gust recently too I think, who are a very good team.

ryuzaki57 (on 04 February 2013)

Did they mention any particular games? I bet it wasn't thanks to Razor's Edge though...

Trentonater (on 06 February 2013)

Maybe now they will release warriors orochi z and samurai warriors 3 xtreme legends here. Maybe now they can get an english cast for warriors orochi 3.

think-man (on 05 February 2013)

Being a huge dynasty warriors fan this makes me very happy :D