Disney Lays Off 50 Employees at Its Gaming Studios - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 31 January 2013 / 3,072 Views

Disney after closing its video game studio Junction Point has laid off an additional 50 employees at other video game studios, according to the Los Angeles Times. Disney Interactive Media Chief Executive Robert Iger is cutting jobs in order to meet his goal of profitability in its current fiscal year.

Disney is consolidating its video game studios in order to focus on mobile and social games, as well as Disney Infinity.

"Our division operates in a rapidly evolving industry and as a result we must sometimes make difficult decisions to ensure we’re meeting market demands," said Disney Interactive Co-President John Pleasant. "Unfortunately, today this meant announcing changes within Disney Interactive Games, including the closure of Junction Point Studios in Austin."

"These decisions are never easy, or taken without serious thought and consideration, but they are essential in order for Disney Interactive to remain competitive and win."

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