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Weekly Sales Analysis, 27 August 2011 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 September 2011 / 12,688 Views


3DS and PlayStation 3 hardware sales remain strong with both platforms selling over 200,000 each. Hardware sales are down just 13,000 year on year; however software sales are down over 1.5 million units despite a strong week for debuts. There are eight debuts in the top 40, which is up from two last week. There are no software milestones this week. Four games sold over 100,000, whereas zero did last week, and the top 11 sold over 50,000, down from eight last week.

Worldwide Hardware


Week on week sales are up for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and down slightly for the Wii, PSP DS and 3DS. The 3DS takes the top spot for a third week with sales of 249,000, which is down 80,000 (-24%). PlayStation 3 sales are up 22,000 (12%) to 203,000 which is mainly due to the first full week of the price cut. The Xbox 360 is up 5,000 (4%) this week to sales of 123,000. The DS is down 9,000 (-8%) week on week, as it sold 97,000 units this week. The PSP sold 88,000 units, which is down 11,000 (-11%). Total week on week sales are down 76,000 (-8%) to 877,000.

Year on year sales are up for the PlayStation 3 and down for every other platform. The PlayStation 3 is up 36,000 (22%), the Wii is down 52,000 (-31%), and the Xbox 360 is down 47,000 (-28%). The PSP is down 50,000 (-36%) and the DS is down 149,000 (-61%). Total year on year sales are down 13,000 (-1%).

Hardware Home Consoles

For this week the gap between the three home consoles has grown slightly, with the PlayStation 3 with a 46 percent market share, the Wii with a 29 percent, and the Xbox 360 with a 28 percent. The PlayStation 3 has been in sole position of first for the last eight weeks and will remain in first until either the Xbox 360 or Wii drop price or when the holiday season kicks since the PlayStation 3 has gotten the smallest boost during the holidays in the past. The Wii and Xbox 360 have been neck and neck since the week of July 9. Compared with ten weeks ago PlayStation 3 sales are up, and Wii and Xbox 360 sales are down.

Hardware Handhelds

3DS remains well ahead of the DS and PSP for a third straight week outselling both of them combined. The gap between the DS and PSP remains small at just 9,000 this week compared to 49,000 the week of July 2. The DS has a 52 percent market share this week for the current generation handhelds and the PSP a 48 percent. Compared with ten weeks ago 3DS sales are up, PSP sales are flat, and DS sales are down.

Worldwide Software

Eight games debuted in the top 40 this week, up from two last week.  Deus Ex: Human Revolution (X360) debuted at number one with sales of 348,000. The PlayStation 3 version debuted at number three with sales of 229,000 and the PC version at number five with sales of 81,000. The game launched in the Americas and EMEAA and will launch in Japan on September 8.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. (PS3) debuted at number two with sales of 304,000. The game launched in Japan with no plans to be released elsewhere.

Black * Rock Shooter: The Game (PSP) debuted at number four with sales of 103,000. The game launched in Japan with no release date yet anywhere else.

Kidou Senshi Gundam: Shin Gihren no Yabou (PSP) debuted at number seven with sales of 77,000. The game launched in Japan with no plans to be released elsewhere.

Sengoku Musou 3 Empires (PS3) debuted at number nine with sales of 69,000. The game launched in Japan with no plans to be released elsewhere.

Shin Sangoku Musou 6 Special (PSP) debuted at number 20 with sales of 26,000. The game launched in Japan with no plans to be released elsewhere.

Rugby World Cup 2011 (PS3) debuted at number 21 with sales of 26,000. The Xbox 360 version debuted at number 25 with sales of 21,000. The game launched in EMEAA and will launch in the Americas on September 6.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (3DS) debuted at number 30 with sales of 17,000. The game launched in the Americas and launched in Japan September 1, which is the current weeks charts.

Other games in the top 10 that are not debuts include Mario Kart Wii at number six with sales of 77,000. Wii Sports Resort is at number eight with sales of 72,000.  Zumba Fitness (Wii) rounds out the top 10 with sales of 66,000.


Week on week software totals are up for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP, and are down for the Wii, DS, and 3DS. The PlayStation 3 takes the top spot this week with 1.20 million games sold, an increase of 338,000 (39%). The Xbox 360 sold 1.16 million games, an increase of 354,000 (44%). Wii software sales drop to 1.16 million, which is a decrease of 81,000 (-7%). The PSP sold 837,000 games, an increase of 424,000 (103%). DS game sales are down compared to last week with 733,000 games sold, a decrease of 12,000 (-2%). The 3DS sold 272,000 games, a decrease of 81,000 (-23%). Total combined software is up week on week to 5.36 million games sold an increase of 942,000 (21%).

Year on year software totals are down for every platform except the PSP. The PlayStation 3 is down 82,000 (-6%), the Wii is down 512,000 (-31%) and the Xbox 360 is down 136,000 (-11%). The DS is down 441,000 (-38%) and the PSP is up 80,000 (11%). Total combined software is down 819,000 (-13%) games sold year on year.

Software Home Consoles

For this week the gap between the three home consoles software sales shrink as they are all pretty close. The Wii has a 33 percent market share, the Xbox 360 with a 33 percent, and the PlayStation 3 with a 34 percent. Wii software sales after being at the top for five straight weeks are down to third this week. PlayStation 3 is in first and the Xbox 360 in second. Compared to ten weeks ago PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 software sales are down.

Software Handhelds

PSP software sales double this week to move up to first place for the first time all year. DS software sales are down for a fourth week and the 3DS for a second week. Compared to ten weeks ago the PSP is up and the DS and 3DS are down.

To view the full chart click here.

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Troll_Whisperer (on 02 September 2011)

I think the PSP and PS3 software numbers are wrong because the Monster Hunter game was listed as a PSP game when it's a PS3 game.

  • +9
Michael-5 Troll_Whisperer (on 03 September 2011)

They corrected that on the weekly chart, but not here.

  • +1
reviniente Troll_Whisperer (on 03 September 2011)

Uhm... that's a negative TW; it is listed as PS3.

  • -3
JackyGoal Troll_Whisperer (on 03 September 2011)

@ reviniente: You're wrong. :)

  • +2
yo_john117 (on 03 September 2011)

Deus Ex had a great first week.

  • +7
furycake (on 03 September 2011)

I'm glad Deus Ex is doing so well so we can anticipate DLC and a sequel from this great developer.

  • +3
pots555 (on 03 September 2011)

Yes! Great sales for Deus Ex. Awesome game! It really deserves the sells it's getting.

  • +2
yog-sothot (on 04 September 2011)

I'm really happy to see that Deus Ex is getting some well deserved love, this is also a good omen for Thief 4 which should not be dumbed down and could end up being another worthy sequel

  • +1
Killiana1a (on 04 September 2011)

Yay! Deus Ex 3 is pulling in some great numbers. Now if we could only create a time portal and erase Deus Ex: Invisible War. That would be swell, thanks.

  • +1
demonfox13 (on 03 September 2011)

Good to see the PS3 up there where it truly deserves, although it deserves to be above the 3DS given the mediocre quality of games that system has at PRESENT.

  • +1
zuvuyeay (on 03 September 2011)

i don't think the s/ware charts have been updated here,good for the psp and all but not real,i wonder if the PS3 can stabilise at 200,000 because of the boosting period we are now entering.ish

  • +1
jkudlacz zuvuyeay (on 03 September 2011)

I think 200k should not be a problem for PS3, and I actually see them moving higher. They have an incredible list of 1st party games coming out over next couple of weeks which should give them a decent boost.
Sep 6. Resistance 3, Uncharted Dualpack, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten
Sep 13. God of War: Origin Collection, White Knight Chronicles II
Sep 27. The ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland Bundle - Art Book, CD Soundtrack, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

And this is just SEPTEMBER.

  • +2
zuvuyeay zuvuyeay (on 03 September 2011)

well there is a chance,but i'm not sure those games will boost h/ware much apart fron R3,i thought the U double pack was out already maybe just over here in the uk

  • +1
Silver-Tiger (on 04 September 2011)

Wow, Wii, PS3 and 360 software sales are head-to-head.

  • 0
lololol (on 04 September 2011)

Why do games always sell so much less on PS3 compared to Xbox 360 when the consoles themselves have sold around the same number?

  • -1
nilli (on 04 September 2011)

I wish they had canceled the pc release of Deus Ex piracy really did a number on this game.

  • -1
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