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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 20 April 2011 / 25,232 Views

Portal 2, the follow up to the widely acclaimed Portal, released on April 19th to excellent reviews. gamrReview's Chris Arnone awarded the game an 8.9 in our Portal 2 review and commented that "Portal 2 is one of those rare games that makes its predecessor completely obsolete".

In the first 24 hours on sale, Portal 2 sold over 400,000 units at retail (VGChartz estimates) and over 275,000 units on Valve's Steam service (FADE LLC estimates). With day one sales of over 675,000 units between retail & digital, we expect week one sales to top 1 million units in the Americas and with the game launching in Europe on April 21st, total sales should be close to 1.5 million by the weekend. This would make Portal 2 one of the biggest new releases of the year so far, ahead of recent hits like Crysis 2 and Homefront.

Portal 2 Review

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Chroniczaaa (on 25 April 2011)

Jesus Christ, that's really good for a $60 puzzle game.

yahoocom1984 (on 25 April 2011)

nesco1801, you are retard. PC sales > PS3 sales (portal 2)

yahoocom1984 (on 25 April 2011)

nesco1801, you are retard. PC sales > PS3 sales (portal 2)

yahoocom1984 (on 25 April 2011)

nesco1801, you are retard. PC sales > PS3 sales (portal 2)

nesco1801 (on 23 April 2011)

PS3 is leading on Amazon. then XBOX, then PC

scorptile (on 22 April 2011)

the pc version is probably the a biggest part of the sales for portal 2. the sales i figure will be good for at least a few months cause the word will get around on how fantastic of a game this is.

FaRmLaNd (on 22 April 2011)

*Include retail... sorry

FaRmLaNd (on 22 April 2011)

Nice steam sales. If you include pc that really shows how healthy valve are in the pc market.

Fab_GS (on 21 April 2011)

Awesome news!

MaxwellSmart (on 21 April 2011)

Cool! What is the proportion per platform?

ElectricGorilla (on 21 April 2011)

Great news!! Now will Valve please add time trials and the mode where you only get so many portals to use.

kopstudent89 (on 21 April 2011)

That's awesome!!

Kenryoku_Maxis (on 21 April 2011)

Nice. i actually tried Portal 1 today and beat it in 3 hours. Hopefully the reports are true and this version will be longer.

oniyide (on 20 April 2011)

good to see a game not about shooting things or stomping koopa troopers (nothing wrong with that) do well

mchaza (on 20 April 2011)

i think Steam sales are greater.

UnknownFact (on 20 April 2011)


quaildikk (on 20 April 2011)

and also does anybody know where to find the extras menu on the ps3 copy of portal 2 because i can not find it for anything. Sorry for not posting this all in one post.

quaildikk (on 20 April 2011)

Because it keeps saying that i can't connect when i go to log into steam with my psn id.

quaildikk (on 20 April 2011)

this is not on topic, but do i have to be logged into my psn and playing portal 2 to be able to log into steam with my psn id.

Ail (on 20 April 2011)

oups ignore my last comment, valve statement was about Portal 1 not Portal 2... My bad

Ail (on 20 April 2011)

Valve just announced week 1 WW sales of 4 millions excluding steam sales. I know those are sales to retailers but still this makes this week one estimation really weak

NightDragon83 (on 20 April 2011)

I was excpecting higher day 1 sales for Steam since that's the premier platform (or so I thought) for Valve's games. I guess since it's not out in Europe yet that had an affect on the Day 1 totals.

axumblade (on 20 April 2011)

This was a triumph.. :D

CDiablo (on 20 April 2011)

Its hillarious to see how many people are selling the PS3 version without the code or vice-versa. I dont think steam is going to do this again.

hasanwhy (on 20 April 2011)

Gameplay over Graphics thread anyone? LOL!

binary solo (on 20 April 2011)

Great sales for a non-standard FPS. I'll be getting this for the PS3/PC cross platform play, with my bro'.

Pjams (on 20 April 2011)

Got my PS3 copy and gave my brother the PC code and we've been going through the co-op. Best game I've played this year, easily.

pots555 (on 20 April 2011)

Got my copy yesterday.

Ssenkahdavic (on 20 April 2011)

Its hella fun. Have my PS3 copy, but playing the downloaded PC version!

jkudlacz (on 20 April 2011)

Amazon has it for even less. Game does look great, I was planning on selling my copy on eBay, but I just may have to check it out for myself. Tempting.

Dr.Grass (on 20 April 2011)

Picked up my copy today. Was amazed that at my small games store all the pc and 360 copies were pre ordered. There were 3 or so PS3 copies that weren't so I got lucky :) This game will have massive sales.

AmericanAli (on 20 April 2011)

wow actually better than i though!

kitler53 (on 20 April 2011)

huge flop, when will developers learn that only wii games are capable of making money?

Boutros (on 20 April 2011)

Awesome! It should surpass Portal's sales eventually.

VXIII (on 20 April 2011)

I see, now it makes sense. great slaes for a great game

Machina (on 20 April 2011)

Yey, great news :)

enrageorange (on 20 April 2011)

its because the ps3 copy must be linked through your ps3 to your steam account. If you don't have a ps3 you can't do it.

VXIII (on 20 April 2011)

It's priced at 50S on the stream , why don't people buy the ps3 version , take the stream code and sell the ps3 version for 30/40$ , :S

pezus (on 20 April 2011)

Beastly steam sales :O