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2011 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to January 29th - News

by Miles Taven , posted on 07 February 2011 / 5,329 Views

Here we see data representing the global sales through to consumers and change in sales performance of the three home consoles over comparable periods for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Also shown is the market share for each of the consoles over the same periods.

"Year to date" sales for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 sales are shown in series at the top of the table and then just below a comparison of 2011 versus 2009and 2011 versus 2010 is displayed.  This provides an easy-to-view summary of all the data.


Xbox 360 - Up YOY 20k, Up YTD 22.14%


Playstation 3
- Down YOY 34k, Down YTD 10.55%
Playstation Portable - Down YOY 85k, Down YTD 40.75%


Nintendo Wii - Down YOY 135k, Down YTD 33.15%
Nintendo DS - Down YOY 129k, Down YTD 25.78%

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zuvuyeay (on 07 February 2011)

very nice,you're getting thorough with your articles

no future forecast now

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Michael-5 (on 07 February 2011)

I think Wii is overdue for a price cut, and with Zelda it should still break 20 million IMO

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Nintendogamer (on 07 February 2011)

Wii will do no less than 14.5M this year, with a few bundles and surely a price cut around summer to Christmas.

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MARCUSDJACKSON (on 07 February 2011)

i think sells will will be even as 360 shows improvement throughout Q1 but no reall gap between the 3 consoles. they'll all probably sell the same throughout the yr. depending on the strength of Sony's ip's. (around 400 /500 k each month until the fall maybe more) as for fiscal yr ending March; PS3 will sell 15m but 360 just might report the same by there fiscal yr. end with an edge given to Sony i suppose.

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postofficebuddy (on 07 February 2011)

@Darth The YOY declines will start to shrink as the overall sales will as well. PS3 will probably start losing less than 100k per month from here on out and a $50 cut in summer or early fall should be more than enough to counter a ~500k or so YOY decline. If the Wii keeps losing ground the way it has been and there's no price cut until fall we could be looking at a 2-2.5 million YOY loss by the time we reach the summer months where Wii really started to drop off last year. They'll probably need a price cut in spring and DQX to get close to last years total. I'd say 360 will be the most interesting console to watch this year in terms of YOY performance. Will continued Kinect momentum and a $50 cut be enough to keep up with the Slim and Kinect launch last year? Depending on when the price cut happens (I'm guessing June or July) I'd give it 40/60 odds.

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darthdevidem01 (on 07 February 2011)

I guess if PS3 is losing 100K per month on 2010 from now on it can gain that back with a price cut to $199 so this could be PS3's best year yet!

With Wii...thats a scary drop for this month, 500K is a lot! I don't think this year will be better for it that last year unless Zelda moves loads of systems.

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Seece (on 07 February 2011)

MS Shipped 12.6 mill this year, but stocks are far more depleted after last xmas than the previous xmas, hence the drop in units on shelves/transit ect.

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AussieGecko (on 07 February 2011)

@elvisbin MS announced they shipped 12.1 not sold.
@chibi.v.29 why on earth did you think that. Wii's start of the year was still relatively high. Though to be honest I thought they would have been higher than the ps3. Eh

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Chibi.V.29 (on 07 February 2011)

wait what? i thought the 360 was ahead in world wide sales so far in 2011? confused

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elvisbin (on 07 February 2011)

didn't Microsoft reported that they only sold 12.1m X360 in 2010?

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