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Phil Spencer is 'Incredibly Excited About' Future Xbox Hardware

Phil Spencer is 'Incredibly Excited About' Future Xbox Hardware - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 June 2024 / 2,330 Views

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer in an interview with IGN was asked about the future of Xbox hardware and the rumored Xbox handheld.

He is excited about what the hardware team is working on and they will have a time when they will discuss the future of the platform.

"The future for us in hardware is pretty awesome," said Spencer. "The work that the team is doing around different form factors, different ways to play, I'm incredibly excited about. Today was about the games... but we will have a time to come out and talk more about platform, and we can't wait to bring it to you."

Spencer when asked about a hypothetical Xbox handheld and if he would rather it be a dedicated gaming platform or a cloud-based device he said: "I think being able to play games locally is really important."

Microsoft during the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 announced three new Xbox Series X|S modelsThe long rumored white, all-digital 1 TB Xbox Series X was confirmed, alongside the Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition console and the 1TB Robot White Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White will be priced at $349.99 / €349.99‚Äč, the Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital Edition will be priced at $449.99 / €499.99, and the Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition will be priced at $599.99 / €649.99.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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coolbeans (on 09 June 2024)

But will those come with disc drives?

  • +5
Azzanation coolbeans (on 09 June 2024)
  • -13
rapsuperstar31 (on 09 June 2024)

The future Xbox system will be incredibly about 40 million people, probably less as they push more and more people to pc.

  • +5
Pemalite rapsuperstar31 (on 09 June 2024)

People are holding onto last gen a little longer than anticipated I think, Sony still has a really large Playstation 4 userbase that is still gaming... Microsoft needs to appeal to that install base, which they haven't really done yet.
That and post COVID inflation is a world-wide issue which is impacting peoples ability to spend.

If Microsoft bifurcates it's form factors, then that could open themselves up to a larger potential install base.

  • +6
GymratAmarillo Pemalite (on 09 June 2024)

If the problem is the money shouldn't the series S be the solution? Its whole purpose was to be the option for people with limited economy.

Realistically most people who keep playing on a ps4 play online games like fortnite, cod, fifa, etc COD is going to be on gamepass, there is nothing more appealing than that right? So if the series s doesn't sell now when exactly is going to sell lol.

  • -1
Pemalite GymratAmarillo (on 10 June 2024)

The Series S might have been the solution, but it does lack an optical drive which is a deal-breaker for many. (Myself included.)

...But the Series S also has a cost associated with it's purchase, where-as hanging onto a Playstation 4 or Xbox One doesn't.

  • +2
mjk45 rapsuperstar31 (on 09 June 2024)

Phil was incredibly excited about the Xbox series too.

  • +6
Leynos mjk45 (on 09 June 2024)

He was excited about Tango lol

  • +8
Azzanation mjk45 (on 10 June 2024)

Who wasn't?

  • -2
SanAndreasX (on 10 June 2024)

I smell bullshit again.

Either my neighbor bought a hundred head of cattle, or Phil Spencer is talking out of his anus again. And I don't hear mooing coming from next door.

  • +4
Azzanation SanAndreasX (on 10 June 2024)

That his excited for new Hardware? I don't get what you are calling out here lol

  • -2
KratosLives (on 11 June 2024)

He will be the death of xbox

  • +2
Tridrakious (on 10 June 2024)

Why? He's trying to get everyone on Game Pass...

  • +2
Leynos (on 09 June 2024)

Spencer is a proven liar

  • +1
GoOnKid Leynos (on 10 June 2024)

You know, he has to run a BuSiNeSs and stuff.

  • 0
Leynos GoOnKid (on 10 June 2024)

Remember when Iwata took a huge paycut so not to fire anyone. Industry should learn from him.

  • +1
Mozart1511 Leynos (on 10 June 2024)

Tell that to XBox, Playstation, Take Two, Ubisoft, Tencent, Electronic Arts, Embracer Group and other gaming companies that have laid off or closed some studios.

  • +4
SanAndreasX Mozart1511 (on 10 June 2024)

None of those companies spent the GDP of a small country to acquire one of the biggest publishers on the planet, did they?

  • 0
Mozart1511 SanAndreasX (on 10 June 2024)

Risks and opportunities... Sony is 78 years old and has a market value of US$ 105.622 billion, while Microsoft is 49 years old and has a market value of US$ 3.165 trillion. Which company is most efficient at generating money? What's the problem with spending US$70 billion on Activision Blizzard, after all, its net profit at the end of 2023 was US$72.361 billion.

A company that keeps money idle will only lose it, which is why you will see several investments, and Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Meta, NVidia, Tesla and other giants are masters at investing money and getting a return. Sony just doesn't invest more because it can't, in fact, Sony depends a lot on Playstation, so a drop in revenue from the division will affect the company as a whole. Let's wait for the next 5 years and see what the XBox and Playstation launch, but I think the trend is for Sony to launch fewer games, but with a focus on narratives like their audience likes.

  • 0
EpicRandy SanAndreasX (on 11 June 2024)

The acquisition was made when investors were seeing the Video game industry as about to sustain explosive growth due to COVID, The current context is caused by investor diverting to other higher yielding business after COVID effect was found to be a dud.

  • -2
Comment was deleted...