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Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Changes Incoming Due to Call of Duty

Rumor: Xbox Game Pass Changes Incoming Due to Call of Duty - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 June 2024 / 4,178 Views

Insider Shinobi602 in ResetEra has claimed there will be changes coming to Xbox Game Pass due to Call of Duty coming to the service. However, details on what these changes might be were not shared.

One user said predicted a price increase will happen for Game Pass, while another said, "For sure, they want the new sign-ups they get from [Call of Duty] to be on the new fee and will probably reorganize the tiers to be a less confusing mess than it is now."

Shinobi602 responded saying, "There will be changes, yes."

It has been reported Call of Duty 2024 will launch in late October, which is rumored to be part of the Black Ops series and set during the Gulf War.

Thanks, VideoGamesChronicle.

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UnderwaterFunktown (on 20 May 2024)

If they do make a sort of super tier I think they gotta throw more in there than CoD for it to not feel akward and sort of go undermine any idea that the ABK deal benefited their customers. Honestly just go all out and throw in a WoW subscribtion (among other things), I can't imagine there's a large enough overlap between WoW and Game Pass subscribers for that to work against them (not like you actually have time for both lol)

  • +1

I agree. Just adding CoD won't be enough. I know they are working on Xcloud being available for all games and not only Game Pass titles so I think making everyone's library of games playable via Xcloud would be a worthwhile perk to add. A WoW sub would be a nice add too.

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shikamaru317 (on 20 May 2024)

I'm guessing they will reorganize and reprice the tiers to simplify the tiering and boost their profit margins. Probably something like this:

  • Core- Stays at $10 a month, no CoD obviously, but a larger selection of rotating Gamepass titles to make up for Console Gamepass being removed
  • Console Gamepass- Ended (they have already hidden away console gamepass on the Gamepass website on a "see more plans" drop down menu, presumably to encourage new subscribers to the more expensive Gamepass Ultimate which is featured on the main page alongside Gamepass Core, which I think is a taste of things to come). All currently paid for Gamepass time will be honored, but no CoD on Gamepass to avoid those who are already paid up for the max 3 years from being able to access CoD games.
  • PC Gamepass- Increase to $12 a month from the current $10, no CoD games day one, they will be added probably 9 months to a year after launch, similar to how long it takes for EA games to come to Gamepass Ultimate
  • Gamepass Ultimate- Increase to $20 a month from the current $17, will include CoD games day one

    They will probably wait about a year and then raise prices yet again, Netflix style. So, by the time the 2025 CoD launches we will probably be looking at something like $13 a month for PC Gamepass and $22 a month for Gamepass Ultimate.

  • +1
EpicRandy shikamaru317 (on 20 May 2024)

The reorganization make sense but for the price increase, It depends if the focus remain growth or become profit margin.

I don't think MS is nowhere near the userbase they want before they focus on profitability. Plus if the rumor is correct an announcement during the June showcase pretty much rules out a price increase. Besides it would be the first time Xbox would rise price above compounded inflation, so I'm sure they don't want to give anymore reasons to be booed on stage.

If I had to guess, I think they are working on a new higher tier or a paid option you can add to regular GamePass Subs to include season passes in all 1st party titles that feature such and provide added incentive to those CoD only player to still join GamePass.

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The Fury shikamaru317 (on 21 May 2024)

Wait, Core is $10 a month? There's no annual sub anymore? The online requirement for Xbox is $120 a year? WTF?

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smroadkill15 The Fury (on 21 May 2024)

You can buy an annual sub for $60

  • +2
shikamaru317 The Fury (on 21 May 2024)

Cheaper annual is still available for Core, the $10 is just if you pay monthly.

  • 0
The Fury (on 21 May 2024)

Didn't MS reassure regulators that buying ABK wouldn't increase the GP cost? Guess 'changes' will mean something else.

  • 0
LivncA_Dis3 (on 20 May 2024)

Drag cod down the mud even further,

As if their past titles have been great now with straight to gamepass expect even lazier development on the next cod like the big disaster mw3

  • 0
Random_Matt (on 20 May 2024)

MS will copy Sony with tiers I reckon. And a sub price increase across the board.

  • 0
Bandorr (on 20 May 2024)

Adding a new tier is my guess.
A) Lets them not change the price for everyone that doesn't want call of duty
B) Lets them create a higher tiered for COD
C) Gets around anyone grand-fathered in, or $1 etc.

Generally trying to make the most on COD while not pissing anyone off.

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