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Tomb Raider TV Series From Phoebe Waller-Bridge Greenlit by Amazon

Tomb Raider TV Series From Phoebe Waller-Bridge Greenlit by Amazon - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 14 May 2024 / 1,723 Views

Amazon Prime Video has greenlit an adaptation of video game series Tomb Raider from Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

The series will be produced by Crystal Dynamics and Amazon MGM Studios, and will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

"If I could tell my teenage self this was happening I think she’d explode," said Waller-Bridge via Deadline. "Tomb Raider has been a huge part of my life and I feel incredibly privileged to be bringing it to television with such passionate collaborators. Lara Croft means a lot to me, as she does to many, and I can’t wait to go on this adventure. Bats ‘n all."

Crystal Dynamics Head of Studio Scot Amos stated, "Amazon MGM Studios and Amazon Games are incredible collaborators with a massive reach across the globe, enabling us to expand our Tomb Raider franchise with multiple new adventures and a shared passion for creating impactful, entertaining, emotional experiences for players and viewers throughout every facet of this universe.

"These timeless stories span all media platforms to meet audiences where they want to engage with Tomb Raider; it’s a critical step towards our future with fans everywhere."

It was announced in December 2022 that Amazon Games publish the next entry in the Tomb Raider series. The game will multiplatform and developed by Crystal Dynamics.

The new Tomb Raider game will be a single-player, narrative-driven adventure that continues Lara Croft's story. The game will be powered by Unreal Engine 5 and will take "storytelling to the next level, in the biggest, most expansive Tomb Raider game to date."

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Random_Matt (on 14 May 2024)

Flop, flop, flop. The younger generation just changing original IP into some new unrelated garbage. I have a wonderful idea, create your own new IP, simple really.

  • +6
Random_Matt Random_Matt (on 15 May 2024)

Hmm, surprised this has not been deleted. Free speech/opinions are a very narrow subject apparently on this website. Mods who do not like someone else's opinion simply delete them, pathetic really.

  • 0
TheTitaniumNub (on 14 May 2024)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge? Dear God, she was f** completely awful in Dial of Destiny.

  • +5
JRPGfan (on 14 May 2024)

thats gonna flop imo... that ontop of tomb raider, not even being a tomb raider anymore, ect. The IP isn't in the same class as fallout, and will likely have poor writeing and script.

  • +5
Trentonater JRPGfan (on 14 May 2024)

the sales of the tomb raider series are greater than the sales of the fallout series. both franshises debuted around the same time and tomb raider was selling 7+ million every entry at the same time fallout was doing a few hundred thousand sales. Tomb riader was one of the first premier video game ips and got a blockbuster movie adaptation so early on for a reason. fallout wasn't comparable until fallout 3. while almost half of fallout sales just come from fallout 4 alone so it's only bethesda's current status overall and marketing pushes that made fallout what it is now.

  • 0
shikamaru317 Trentonater (on 14 May 2024)

A direct series to series comparison is difficult since Bethesda has never revealed the total sales for the Fallout series. We know that Tomb Raider had moved 95m copies as of 2022, which at the time would have been spread across a total of 18 releases in the series. Fallout is trickier because Bethesda has not only never released a total series sales figure, but many of the individual games haven't been given sales updates in a long time, for instance Fallout 4's last official figure was 12m shipped to retailers in the first 24 hours, they have never released an official number since to my knowledge, save for stating that it had sold more copies than Skyrim over the first 14 months, which would suggest that it sold at least 18m copies in the first 14 months.

However, based on what we can piece together from various 3rd party estimates, the Fallout series has sold approximately 55-60m copies between 8 releases, compared to the 95m across 18 releases for Tomb Raider. If you look at the game with the highest sales in each series, that would probably be Fallout 4 with an estimated 25m+ sales vs Tomb Raider (2013) with 13.5m+ sales. So you could make the argument that Fallout is the bigger IP since the highest selling game in the Fallout franchise may have nearly doubled the sales of the highest selling Tomb Raider game.

  • 0
shikamaru317 (on 14 May 2024)

I have very low expectations for this considering Phoebe wrote it. This won't be the old Tomb Raider fans fell in love with, this will be going with the new direction that the upcoming games are also using, where Lara is no longer a Tomb Raider herself, but an archaeologist who protects tombs from actual tomb raiders/thiefs.

  • +5
deerox (on 15 May 2024)

For people who are curious, here is all of her previous writing credits:

Crashing (2016)
Fleabag (2016)
Killing Eve (2018-2022)
No Time to Die (2021)

  • +1
Ryuu96 deerox (on 15 May 2024)

Confusing reactions in here, Phoebe doesn't seem to deserve such strong negative reactions I'm seeing in here based on what I can see of her career, am I missing something? Why is she being blamed for Dial of Destiny? She didn't write, direct or produce it, her only role in Dial of Destiny was as an actor. If she is to blame for that film being bad (which she isn't) then equally so would Antonio Banderas and Harrison Ford be to blame.

Meanwhile on her actual writing/producer/creator merits, she is listed as the Creator of Fleabag and Writer on all 12 episodes of the show, a critically acclaimed show with a rating of 8.7 on IMDB and 93% on RT (by the general public). She is a Creator on Killing Eve, Executive Producer on 24 episodes, Head Writer for Season 1 and Writer for 4 episodes and those 4 episodes have a rating of 8.3, 8.4, 8.4, 8.6. Killing Eve has a 8.1 on IMDB and 73 on RT. Ironically S1 (which Phoebe led) has a 90% on RT and the follow-up seasons less.

She co-wrote No Time to Die with multiple other people but we know she is responsible for Paloma who according to Ana de Armas, Phoebe wrote entirely by herself and from what I heard at the time, everyone loved Paloma?!

I also think it's cool that she's London based, as Lara Croft/Tomb Raider is a British character. Btw, I'm only latching onto this comment because you provided the credits, I'm not saying this is what you're doing, Lol.

  • 0
pokoko (on 15 May 2024)

It's Amazon, so it might be good or we might have Mindy Kaling playing a sarcastic, self-aware version of Lara Croft constructed by writers who hate video-games.

  • 0
Dante9 (on 15 May 2024)

Oh crap, this woman again. She only just washed her hands after taking part in the destruction of Indiana Jones, so there's a pattern here. And I bet they are going to take TR to the new age, where she is cancelled for colonialism, because she used to go and risk her life to dig up treasures in other countries.

  • -1
Vengeance1138 (on 15 May 2024)

Toxic Femininity and pronouns incoming for Tomb Raider!

  • -2
the-pi-guy Vengeance1138 (on 15 May 2024)


Pronouns are a basic piece of grammar in many languages. I'm pretty certain that almost every movie and book includes at least a few pronouns, adjectives, nouns, adverbs.

Grammar is so scary I know.

  • 0