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Bulletstorm VR announced for PS VR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest

Bulletstorm VR announced for PS VR2, SteamVR, and Meta Quest - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 June 2023 / 3,377 Views

Publisher People Can Fly and developer Incuvo have announced Bulletstorm VR for the PlayStation VR2SteamVR, and Meta Quest. It will launch later this year.

"Bulletstorm VR retains everything players loved about the original Bulletstorm—the world, the characters, and the clever Skillshot system that encourages creativity and experimentation—and makes it feel more immersive and intuitive than ever," said People Can Fly creative director Bartosz Kmita. "We’ll have more to show later this year as we approach Bulletstorm VR‘s release!"

Incuvo CEO Andrzej Wychowaniec added, "As a studio that specializes in VR gaming, Bulletstorm VR is a dream project for us. Gunplay is a natural fit for VR and Bulletstorm has that in spades, yet it also has a cool-as-hell electric leash, which is just a joy to use with motion controls in VR. Add in endearing characters and an extravagant, colorful world, and Bulletstorm VR is the full package!"

View the announcement trailer below:

Read details on the game below:

Step into the boots of Grayson Hunt after a crash landing on an abandoned resort planet forces him to make a hard choice: survival or revenge. An exiled member of the elite assassin group Dead Echo, Grayson’s blind desire for vengeance finds his crew stranded on Stygia where he can finally confront the commander behind his betrayal—or get his team off the planet alive.

Immerse yourself into the world of Bulletstorm VR.

Key Features:

  • Fight everything from crazy raiders to colossal sky-scraper-sized beasts.
  • Switch between melee and ranged combat for the ultimate Skillshots.
  • No place like the virtual reality space to play around with the Energy Leash.
  • All of Bulletstorm‘s unique sci-fi arsenal is in your hands. Literally.
  • Control your bullets in mid-air to reach your enemies behind covers.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012 and taking over the hardware estimates in 2017. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel. You can contact the author on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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DonFerrari (on 01 June 2023)

This could have been on the ps show

  • +1
Shadis DonFerrari (on 01 June 2023)

Meta and Sony may each have had deals with different developers/studios about what could be shown at each showcase.

  • +1
DonFerrari Shadis (on 01 June 2023)

I was not aware this was shown on a Meta event, thanks.

  • +1
Leynos (on 01 June 2023)


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