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Roguelite Shooter Dust & Neon Launches February 16 for Switch and PC

Roguelite Shooter Dust & Neon Launches February 16 for Switch and PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 February 2023 / 1,107 Views

Publisher Rogue Games and developer David Marquardt Studios announced the roguelite shooter, Dust & Neon, will launch for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on February 16.

View the latest trailer of the game below:

Read details on the game below

It’s cowboys vs robots in Dust & Neon, a classically inspired top-down twin-stick shooter, powered by an upgradeable looter-shooter weapon system, and roguelite progression that always brings new challenges.

Welcome to a futuristic Wild West, where robots have rejected their life of servitude, and taken over the planet, turning it into a not-so-enjoyable place for humans. Step into the boots of Gunslinger, a legendary sharpshooter from the past, brought back to life by a mad scientist to fight the robot oppression.

Shoot ‘Em Up… In Every Direction

Tight twin-stick shooting controls, combined with an automatic cover, and a dynamic power-up boost system, meaning you’ll be mowing down mechanical menaces with non-stop action. No stopping for pesky inventory management!

Collect and Upgrade Your Arsenal

Customize and level up your skills, earn ever deadlier weaponry, and upgrade your home base to become a robot-destroying super cowboy.

Death Ain’t Really a Big Deal

The mad scientist is always prepared to clone a new you, so you can go in guns blazing into big violent epic boss battles.

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