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Underwater Metroidvania Game Pronty Launches March 7 for Switch

Underwater Metroidvania Game Pronty Launches March 7 for Switch - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 February 2023 / 1,110 Views

Publisher Happinet and developers 18Light Game and FunZone Games announced the underwater Metroidvania game, Pronty, will launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 7 for $14.99 / €14.99 / £13.99.

The game first released for PC via Steam in November 2021.

View a trailer of the game below:

Read details on the game below:

Pronty is an underwater Metroidvania game set in a fallen underwater city “Royla” once thriving but now full of dangerous creatures combined with marine life and polluted waste. Be the weirdly cute “Pronty” and its robotic weapon/friend swordfish, players will fight with the various monsters and even some Behemoth to bring back the hope to this abandoned city and reveal the truth of Pronty’s origination.

Unique “Underwater Javelin” Combat System

Remotely control your javelin partner to repel enemies, remove obstacles, or protect yourself.

A Terrifying Array of Hostile and Mutated Sea Life

Encounter all sorts of creatures formed from a ghastly fusion of sea critters and marine debris. While some might look small and amusing, others might pose more problems. After all, there’s always a bigger fish…

Swappable Upgrades for Customized Combat

Swap out useful abilities and upgrades in Pronty’s “Memory Board” to put together strategies that work for every situation and play style.

Explore this Magnificent but Perilous Underwater City

Designed with colorful, clean line art style to depict the mysterious underwater world, created a magnificently terrifying atmosphere.

Magnificent and Immersive Underwater Environments

The realistic underwater environment and best battle combat experience, made by sound design studio IMBA interactive, and 18light game previous work Behind the Screen composer Paul Su’s score accompanies players during their journey.

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