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Rumor: Xbox and Certain Affinity Developing Monster Hunter Style Game

Rumor: Xbox and Certain Affinity Developing Monster Hunter Style Game - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 February 2022 / 2,417 Views


Windows Central's Jez Corden has corroborated what Jeff Grubb said earlier. The Monster Hunter style game from Certain Affinity has a codename of codenamed Project Suerte and is set to be revealed in 2023 and release in 2024.

Original Article:

Xbox is reportedly working with developer Certain Affinity on a Monster Hunter style co-op game. This is according to GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb who spoke during today's episode of Grubbsnax on GiantBomb.

Xbox Game Studios is looking for more co-op games to add to Xbox Game Pass and are looking for a game that is similar to Monster Hunter.

"They're working with Certain Affinity on what seems like a Monster Hunter style game," said Grubb. "A Monster Hunter clone. They see this gameplay style succeeding, and Microsoft's like, 'hey, we should try to make one of those, is anyone out there going to pitch one?'"

Rumor: Xbox and Certain Affinity Developing Monster Hunter Style Game

Grubb added, "They want more variety in the kinds of games they’re putting on Game Pass and this is an example of that. They're like, 'we probably can't get Monster Hunter on Game Pass. That would be pretty expensive. But we definitely want a game like that, because we see the potential for that to grow and be a big thing with long-term support.'"

Certain Affinity is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2006. They previously helped with development on several entries in the Halo franchise, including last year's Halo Infinite. The team also co-developed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, as well as working on the multiplayer in 2016's Doom, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and more.

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Azzanation (on 27 January 2022)

Scalebound? Would make alot of sense

  • +3
EpicRandy (on 27 January 2022)

Please Xbox, don't do a Scalebound V2

  • +3
LivncA_Dis3 EpicRandy (on 27 January 2022)

Highly doubt it haha but if might happen,

Just buy the damn developer so u won't have a problem haha

  • -2
SquidLord LivncA_Dis3 (on 27 January 2022)

eh well Scalebound fell through because Platinum was actually just inexperienced making a game with online elements. Development was messy and the end product just wasnt working. I dont think owning the studio would necessarily stop that from happening

  • +7
Leynos SquidLord (on 27 January 2022)

It was bad on both ends.But now I see a lot of scalebound in Bayonetta 3 minus the multiplayer. So SB lives in another form more familiar.

  • -2
rykdrewbr EpicRandy (on 27 January 2022)

When i remember about Scalebound I remember about Raven Blade (nintendo, Game Cube).

  • +2
Mr Puggsly EpicRandy (on 27 January 2022)

Please Xbox, finish and release Scalebound 1.

  • 0
scrapking (on 27 January 2022)

I tried Monster Hunter World when it was in Game Pass. I liked the world and the lore, but couldn't get into the gameplay. Running around killing "monsters" who were wild animals minding their own business as human civilization encroached on their natural environment, with repetitive gameplay loops, didn't add up to fun for me. A shame because the graphics were imaginative and the backstory pretty cool too.

  • +1
Kakadu18 scrapking (on 28 January 2022)

I also dislike killing virtual animals that are just minding their own business. These poor things.

  • +8
scrapking Kakadu18 (on 28 January 2022)

Not sure if serious. I just want to clarify that I wasn't offended, it just wasn't my idea of entertainment.

  • -2
Kakadu18 scrapking (on 28 January 2022)

I was being sarcastic.

  • +2
scrapking Kakadu18 (on 28 January 2022)

Fair enough. I thought you might be. :) I wasn't. I wasn't offended, but it also wasn't my idea of a good time. :)

  • -2
method114 (on 28 January 2022)

Not to excited for this. I liked Monster Hunter world but it did get old quick and overall I now have no interest to ever play a game like that again. Now if they can take the same formula and change it in some way to make it feel fresh well then I would be interested in that.

  • 0
KrspaceT (on 27 January 2022)

I mean, you can't just try to get your own Monster Hunter Rise?

  • 0
SecondWar KrspaceT (on 27 January 2022)

I think they did that during the 360 era with Minster Hunter Frontier. Perhaps the cost/benefit of that has out them off trying it again.

  • 0