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Dragon Age 4 Reportedly Has 'No Chance' of Releasing in 2022

Dragon Age 4 Reportedly Has 'No Chance' of Releasing in 2022 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 January 2022 / 1,687 Views

Electronic Arts and BioWare announced the next entry in the RPG series, Dragon Age, at The Game Awards 2018. Not much has been heard about the game since its announcement. 

Insider Tom Henderson via Twitter has heard from a source with knowledge into the game's development and that there is "no chance" Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022. 

"A source with knowledge of EA's plans has said there's 'no chance' that Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022," Henderson said.

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Shiken (on 22 January 2022)

Take your time. As a Dragon Age fan, but someone who has grupes with both DA2 and DA3...a good 4th entry is worth the wait.

  • +2
Pemalite (on 21 January 2022)

Sad. Dragon Age Inquisition is probably my most played Gen 8 console title...

  • +2
KratosLives Pemalite (on 22 January 2022)

that good huh?

  • 0
The Fury KratosLives (on 23 January 2022)

I've played nearly 1k hours on it through various builds and classes and Story elements. I find it very relaxing to play and usually do a playthrough a year. But there are a few issues with it for sure, ignore some of the more obvious fetch quests, stick to story linear missions and you should be golden.

  • +1
Pemalite KratosLives (on 23 January 2022)

For 2014 it was fantastic.

I did recently replay Dragon Age Origins... Maybe I should do the whole trifecta.

  • +1
Yassgragra Pemalite (on 23 January 2022)

It keeps coming up on my GP suggestion list but I always scroll past it. Maybe I should check it out.

  • 0
Spade (on 21 January 2022)

Didn't see that coming... not.

  • +2
2zosteven Spade (on 21 January 2022)

lol, everything is delayed! i know what you ment.

  • +2
The Fury (on 23 January 2022)

It's been 8 years already, what's another one to get it right, now it's not GaaS.

  • +1
Chazore (on 21 January 2022)

At this point EA doesn't have much going for them for the next few years.

No new C&C, no new DA yet, no new ME in sight. All they have really going for them is their sports games, but even fans of those are wising up to the lack of meaningful content/quality.

  • 0
Bristow9091 Chazore (on 21 January 2022)

Hey, at least they still have Battlefie-oh... I mean... at least they still have Battlefro-oh.. I mean... more expansion packs for The Sims 4? Let's get hyped about that!

  • +9
Chazore Bristow9091 (on 21 January 2022)

lol, the stuff packs honestly feel like watered down versions of their otherwise great expac packs from the Sims 2-3.

Sims 4 modding community honestly has more fanfare going for it compared to the modding community for EA's other IP's, so I guess there's that.

  • 0

Its sad how these publishers dropped the ball, greed ruined a lot of studios

  • +2
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 21 January 2022)

It will probably dont even release

  • -1
rapsuperstar31 (on 21 January 2022)

I just hope it comes out before Microsoft or Tencent buys them up.

  • -1
2zosteven rapsuperstar31 (on 21 January 2022)

lol, could happen

  • +2
TheTitaniumNub rapsuperstar31 (on 22 January 2022)

I mean, EA has already run Bioware into the ground lmfao, so I dont think Microsoft buying them would make much of a difference.

  • 0
VAMatt TheTitaniumNub (on 22 January 2022)

I think being swallowed up by a bigger company, where the quarterly and fiscal year impacts of even their biggest games are much less significant, would be good for EA.

Even if Microsoft or Tencent just took a sizeable position in EA, maybe 10-20%, and told them "we don't give a shit about quarterly results. Just make good games" that would
probably do the trick.

The unfortunate reality for publicly traded companies is that they're all chasing results on quarterly and fiscal year timelines. If all you have is a handful of big game releases each year, and you push one into the next fiscal year, your results look terrible. For bigger companies like Microsoft and Tencent where they have a ton going on, it doesn't even move the needle if Battlefield is delayed into the next fiscal year. That's what it takes to make good games at the AAA level.

  • 0
Leynos (on 22 January 2022)

And when it does, likely be a broken mess of either a mediocre game or a bad one. Inquisition was mediocre. 2 sucked. Origins are amazing. Bioware has not put out a good game in more than a decade. EA has destroyed that studio.

  • -3