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First Third-Party PS5 Controllers Announced

First Third-Party PS5 Controllers Announced - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 December 2021 / 2,169 Views

Scuf has announced the first third-party PlayStation 5 controllers called the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS. The controllers are designed for the PS5.

The basic layout is identical to the PS5 DualSense controller, however, the controllers do have several new features. There are removable back control paddles that are similar to the Xbox Elite Series 2. They can be reprogramed or disable using a button on the back. There is also swappable thumbsticks and faceplate trim that can be removed in case you want to change colors.

The Reflex and Reflex Pro use the PS5 adaptive triggers, however, the Reflex FPS changes them to instant triggers that are similar to one tap of a mouse button. 

The Reflex controllers will come in black, white, gray, orange, navy blue, and red. However, only the black version will be available at launch. 

The Scuf Reflex controllers are now available for $199 for the baseline controller, $229 for the Reflex Pro, and $259 for the Reflex FPS.

View images of the controllers below:

First Third-Party PS5 Controllers Announced

First Third-Party PS5 Controllers Announced

First Third-Party PS5 Controllers Announced

Thanks, IGN.

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Hynad (on 08 December 2021)

Those prices are utterly ridiculous.

  • +8
KLAMarine Hynad (on 08 December 2021)

Holy smokes, just saw that.

  • 0
ironmanDX Hynad (on 09 December 2021)

A benefit of being the first 3rd party controller.

Hopefully Sony release their own back paddles like they did for the ps4.

  • +1
Imaginedvl (on 08 December 2021)

This is really great news, I was wondering if third parties controllers would come out for the Play Station Five. I have been using this one ( for m’y Play station four and I love it.
The new play station controller is really nice but the symmetrical sticks are just not doing it for me. This news gives me hope that there will be asymmetrical third party controllers of very high quality by the time new horizon west comes out :)

  • +2
victor83fernandes (on 09 December 2021)

These prices are a joke, these are not as good as the elite 2 which is cheaper. Had they put the left thumbstick on top I would consider it, I still get 20% off here so its not too bad. But thumbsticks are in line so no big advantage for me. And this time around the ps5 controller is actually good quality, unlike every other controller on any console. I have used mine a lot and have yet to hear any creeks from weak plastic or anything like that, it was a nightmare last gen with ps4 and xbox cheap controllers, I am glad sony fixed this for the ps5 so there's less reason for a pro controller.
With that said, my favourite controller is my elite 2 that I use for the PC.

Last gen on ps4 I had to get a nacon revolution, it was way better quality than stock ps4 controllers and it had offset sticks, it was almost perfect but that was also way cheaper than these.
This gen, ps5 controller with Kontrol freaks is fantastic.

  • +1
GaoGaiGarV (on 09 December 2021)

Why is everybody claiming them to be the first 3rd party controller? They are just customized original controllers and you can buy PS5 AimControllers for almost a year now.

  • 0
Rafie (on 09 December 2021)

The colors are nice, but geez nuts crisco it's expensive.

  • 0
Zippy6 (on 09 December 2021)

So the same price as their PS4 controllers. No I will never buy one.

  • 0
2zosteven (on 09 December 2021)

fuck that

  • 0