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Starfield Has Over 150,000 Lines of Dialogue and Japanese Localization

Starfield Has Over 150,000 Lines of Dialogue and Japanese Localization - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 October 2021 / 1,201 Views

Bethesda Game Studios' Todd Howard during the Xbox Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online presentation revealed the upcoming science fiction RPG, Starfield, will have over 150,000 lines of dialogue from over 300 actors.

To compare, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim had 60,000 lines and Fallout 4 had 110,000 lines. While this doesn't indicate the size of the game, but with two and a half times the lines as Skyrim it should be rarer to hear the same lines repeated while playing through the game.

Starfield and Redfall will also have a complete Japanese localization with full voice acting.

Starfield will launch for the Xbox Series X|S and PC on November 11, 2022.

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shikamaru317 (on 30 September 2021)

Some more context on how this compares to other RPG's:

Starfield: 150,000 lines
TES 4 Oblivion: 30,000
TES V Skyrim: 60,000
Fallout 3: 40,000
Fallout 4: 110,000
Fallout New Vegas: 65,000
Dragon Age Origins: 68,000
Mass Effect: 20,000
Mass Effect 2: 25,000
Mass Effect 3: 40,000
Mass Effect Andromeda: 65,000
Baldur's Gate 2: 57,000
KOTOR: 15,000
Icewind Dale 2: 63,000
FF7: 96,000 (not sure if this is the original or the remake)
FF8: 20,000
FF9: 38,000
FF10: 22,000
FF12: 21,000
FF13: 18,000
Kingdom Hearts 2: 20,000
Dragon Quest 7: 70,000
Tales of Vesperia: 27,000
Persona 3: 44,000

Not only would this make it the biggest RPG script ever, I think it might be the biggest game script ever. The biggest game script I could find was a Japenese visual novel called W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikō with 148,000 lines.

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gtotheunit91 shikamaru317 (on 30 September 2021)

Check how many lines of dialogue is in The Outer Worlds. In a Q&A with the developers, they said there was 420,000 words of dialog, including player lines, and approximately 600,000 words total, but I don't know if the term "words of dialog" is the same as "lines of dialogue"

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shikamaru317 gtotheunit91 (on 30 September 2021)

Yeah, lines is how many lines on the script vs words being the actual word count of the script. Going by the list of game script sizes that I found, 420k words of dialogue should be anywhere from 25-40k lines.

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gtotheunit91 shikamaru317 (on 30 September 2021)

Oh %&$#! That has to mean there's going to be spider webs on spider webs on spider webs of dialogue options on top of just dialogue in general throughout the story and quests within the game! God I can't wait!

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shikamaru317 gtotheunit91 (on 30 September 2021)

Yep, 40,000 lines more than Fallout 4, which is the current biggest RPG I can find in terms of script, the rest of the games that are higher than Fallout 4 on the list I found are Visual Novels.

Some further context. There are about 780k words in the Bible and 1.08m words across all 7 Harry Potter books, 550k words combined between Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. With 150,000 lines, Starfield likely has more words in the script than the Bible or the entire Harry Potter series. There are currently 3 visual novels tied for game script word count, Yu-No, Clannad, and Little Busters! Ecstasy, each with roughly 1.3m words. Starfield might just surpass them all.

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smroadkill15 shikamaru317 (on 30 September 2021)

RDR2 has 500,000 lines of dialogue, which is insane, followed by GTAV with 160,000. Starfield falls to number 3, but the most for an RPG.

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shikamaru317 smroadkill15 (on 30 September 2021)

Wow, that is insane, had no idea that RDR2 had that many. Wish I could find script info for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077, I suspect both are quite large.

Edit: Witcher 3 apparently had 450k words, but I can't find anything about how many lines. As for Cyberpunk 2077, all I could find was a picture of the stack of scripts for the Japanese dub, which was absolutely massive:

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Mystro-Sama shikamaru317 (on 01 October 2021)

Thats fucking nuts.

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trunkswd (on 30 September 2021)

It is one of my most anticipated upcoming games. Lets hope Todd Howard delivers.

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gtotheunit91 (on 30 September 2021)

Todd and the team at Bethesda Game Studios is definitely going all out for this title!!! No wonder it’s been in development since late 2015.

Can’t wait to get lost in this world!!!

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Libara (on 30 September 2021)

This game is going to be huge, I can't wait to jump in!

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AkimboCurly (on 30 September 2021)

I loved Fallout 3 and Kingdom Come: Deliverance and the Witcher 3. RPG's are great. But they're so much of a commitment that I find myself skipping great games like Fallout 4, Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk etc. because they're too much work.

I shall definitely be making time for Starfield, though.

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gtotheunit91 AkimboCurly (on 30 September 2021)

If it helps, Outer Worlds is actually very short lol. I did several playthroughs on various difficulties, and on the easier difficulty, you can beat the main story in......5-6 hours. With side questions and companion quests, you'll be looking at 20 hours most.

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AkimboCurly gtotheunit91 (on 30 September 2021)

I'll move it further up my list then :)

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Ashadelo (on 02 October 2021)

I used to be a space adventure like you, until i took a laser to the knee

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shikamaru317 (on 30 September 2021)

Something else I noticed. They mentioned there are over 300 voice actors on the cast, and he was talking about the Japanese localization since this was a Japanese conference. If MS/Bethesda is willing to go that big on the localized Japanese version, I would guess that the standard English voice cast might even be 400 actors. To put 300+ voice actors into context, Skyrim had 80+ actors reading the 60,000 lines in the English version, while Fallout 4 had about 160 voice actors reading 110,000 lines. So Starfield should have alot less voice repetition than earlier Bethesda games, less voice actors voicing multiple characters. In Fallout 4 for instance, they had some voice actors voicing as many as 20+ different characters. Hopefully with such a large voice cast in Starfield, we won't see any actors voicing more than maybe 7 or 8 different characters.

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