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Naughty Dog Working on 'Several Cool Things'

Naughty Dog Working on 'Several Cool Things' - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 03 March 2021 / 1,658 Views

Naughty Dog released The Last of Us Part II in June 2020, which has lead fans to wonder what the studio has been working on. 

Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann via Twitter said that the studio is working on "several cool things," but has asked fans to be patient as they can't share anything at this time. 

"If you tweet at me, asking about a future project, I can’t say anything... Please stay patient," said Druckmann. "We have several cool things we can’t wait to share with you. As soon as we can, we will!"

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Elputoxd (on 03 March 2021)

I'm very excited to see ND make a new IP.

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shikamaru317 (on 03 March 2021)

Well, they have supposedly had a team working on a new IP for a few years now I think. Back when TLOU 2 released Druckman said that he hadn't yet decided if TLOU 3 or a new IP would be his next project, I assume he decided soon after that and his next project is in development now. Maybe they have a 3rd project in development now as well, but I have no idea what that would be, supposedly Uncharted series moved to a brand new secret 1st party studio in San Diego. New Jak and Daxter as the 3rd? Dunno.

  • +2
wahwah shikamaru317 (on 03 March 2021)

We know one of these things is a TLOU MP title.

  • +1
Jumpinbeans shikamaru317 (on 04 March 2021)

Imagine a fully open world TLOU.

  • 0
Jumpinbeans (on 04 March 2021)

I can now divulge that the next 3 games will be....

1st game - Game of the year 202# with metacritic 90+
2nd game - Game of the year 202# with metacritic 90+
3rd game - Game of the year 202# with metacritic 90+

  • 0
Dante9 (on 04 March 2021)

I hope they won't just microwave some old IP's from the freezer. Give us new things.

  • 0
pikashoe (on 03 March 2021)

Hopefully a new ip, this must be the longest they've gone without making a new ip.

  • 0
javi741 (on 03 March 2021)

Incredibly vague but ok

  • 0
ClassicGamingWizzz (on 03 March 2021)

I just hope they dont make a fps and stick with third person.

  • 0
VAMatt ClassicGamingWizzz (on 04 March 2021)

On one hand I agree that companies should do what they're good at. On the other hand, good studios can often do many things well. Plus, variety is nice.

  • 0
wahwah VAMatt (on 04 March 2021)

ND is particular has made critically acclaimed blockbusters in many genres from platformers to racing games to 3rd person shooters to stealth and linear as well as open world games. They’ll excel at whatever they decide to do.

  • 0
UnderwaterFunktown (on 03 March 2021)


  • 0
Vendrom (on 03 March 2021)

Hopefully the big one is gonna be a new IP. Also, I hope they didn’t forget TLOU multiplayer. They could also work on a new Jak and Daxter game, like Insomniac with Ratchet and Clank, but I doubt it.

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