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Xbox Series S Will Hold Up for Graphically Intensive Games, Says Super Meat Boy Forever Dev

Xbox Series S Will Hold Up for Graphically Intensive Games, Says Super Meat Boy Forever Dev - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 06 March 2021 / 1,656 Views

Tommy Refenes, co-creator of Super Meat Boy and lead designer on Super Meat Boy Forever, in an interview with GamingBolt was asked about the Xbox Series S and if it would hold up to graphically intensive games.

He believes the Xbox Series S will be able to hold up with higher end games for the ninth generation. He said some effects might be dulled down, but says having a game running at 1440p and 60FPS is "pretty great." 

"Yeah, I think it will," says Refenes. "I mean you may have a few less effects, some crustier looking shadows and puddles and stuff but overall having a game run at 1440p at 60FPS is pretty great.

Xbox Series S Will Hold Up for Graphically Intensive Games, Says Super Meat Boy Forever Dev

"It might make a difference in 5-8 years but I imagine by then even the Series X and PS5 will be nearing the end of their life cycle if they haven’t already been upstaged by their respective bigger, better versions."

Super Meat Boy Forever is available now for the Nintendo Switch and PC. It is also in development for the Xbox Series X|S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Bandorr (on 11 January 2021)

Are they running in 1440? I thought stuff like Valhalla etc were running in 1080.

  • +11
COKTOE Bandorr (on 11 January 2021)

In performance mode, AC Valhalla drops as low as as 720p on the Series S . You must have been downvoted immediately because you guessed incorrectly.

  • +6
TallSilhouette Bandorr (on 11 January 2021)

I think MS did the console a disservice by pushing it as a 1440p machine to the point where developers have to compromise other settings to hit that target. Branding the S instead as the same experience as the X just in 1080p would have been wiser.

  • +4
DonFerrari TallSilhouette (on 12 January 2021)

Even though some games don't hit 1080p. Much less their 1440p60fps.

  • +1
gamingsoul (on 11 January 2021)

Lol I am sure the creators of super meat boy know everything about photo realistic graphics.

  • +9
DonFerrari (on 11 January 2021)

For his games sure. But we already know it won't be 1440p60fps for most games, even more when he says "graphically intensive games", that sure was what MS talked as PR but we haven't seem it being delivered on first batch of games.

  • +6
Azzanation DonFerrari (on 11 January 2021)

Base X1 and PS4 advertised 4k, none were capable.
PS4 PRO advertised native 4k and majority of titles were checking boarding.
PS5 and XSX advertised 8k, i wouldn't be expecting that.
And you are complaining about a budgeted product meant to do less?

  • 0
DonFerrari DonFerrari (on 12 January 2021)

PS4Pro advertised 4k output, not native 4k.
PS5 is advertising 8k playback.
But sure you would get a little creative right? And where have you seem PS4 advertising 4k? Don't remember seeing that even for media since it doesn't have 4k reader and don't remember it doing 4k on netflix or youtube, sources for this PS4 ad please. The most I remember is X1S doing 4k ad because it does have 4k BD reader and probably and encoder.

  • 0
Azzanation DonFerrari (on 12 January 2021)

Playback? PS5 just says 8k on the front of the box, same with the PRO with just 4k on the front of the box and none of them hit those results regularly or on average . You don't think that's misleading to the average consumer?

But how dare the Series S claim 1440p and only has multi-plats and 3rd party games to show for it since launch, yet here you are, bashing it.
If you are going to complain about the Series S not hitting its maximum claimed output than i suggest you should be complaining about all the others as well. Maybe they should say 8k Playback on the PS5 box instead of just 8k, you know to avoid confusion. But i guess this rule only applies to Xbox.

  • -1
DonFerrari Azzanation (on 12 January 2021)

So your interpretation of advertisement is anything you can throw to the wall? PS5 can output 8k and there may be some games that will do it. MS said S is a 1440p60fps machine, sony didn't say ps5 is a 8K machine nor did ms for series x. Again you go through the hoops for a negative on sony while ignoring for ms.
S can have 1440p60fs games but won't be graphically intensive games as already proven, PS5 have 8k on the box only because it have hdmi 2.1 capability,

  • +3
Azzanation DonFerrari (on 12 January 2021)

Erm.. its on the Box, which is just as worse misleading than PR. Also don't be silly, i am not saying MS don't do it, you are acting like Sony don't do it. Both Sony and MS claimed their consoles are 8k machines and yet no results, they struggle doing 4k/60 with RTX on.

I just find it odd that MS claim the Series S can do 1440p/60 and here you are downplaying it while your PS5 claims it can do 8k and doesn't. There is no difference outside the brands. They advertise the maximum output of their hardware to increase sale potential. Do i agree with it? I honestly don't care due to i am use to seeing it. Its standard business marketing. It is what it is.

  • -1
eva01beserk (on 11 January 2021)

I'm not gona say they got to drop the series s. But at the very least stop overpromising all its capabilities. They still can pull back like they did with the x and the most powerful advertisement and that was good for them. Hope they learn from that.

  • +2
AFattyGamer (on 11 January 2021)

I'm mixed now on the Series S. It's going to hold back 9th gen.

  • +1
eva01beserk AFattyGamer (on 11 January 2021)

I think it will only hold back xbox games. I'm pretty sure multi plats will choose the ps5 as lead platform. It will just be dowgraded after that. But xbox made games will target the series s and the x will be upgraded from there.

  • 0
AFattyGamer eva01beserk (on 12 January 2021)

You're likely right about that man. As long as Devs in general choose the PS5 for the main development 1st this shouldn't be an issue hopefully...

  • +1
chakkra (on 11 January 2021)

Puddles... it's all about the puddles...

  • +1
AkimboCurly (on 12 January 2021)

The series S is great. Got a fab CPU so there's no risk of it dropping out early in my view. Nobody is saying that the GTX 1070 won't hold up, because it's obvious that 'holding up' means going from 'ultra' to 'high/medium' and/or sticking at 1080p as this gen progresses.

  • 0
Azzanation (on 11 January 2021)

Of course, why wouldnt it?

  • -1
Ryotsu (on 11 January 2021)

Awesome, can move mobile games

  • -4