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Xbox Series X|S Saw Record Sellouts in UK, France and Germany

Xbox Series X|S Saw Record Sellouts in UK, France and Germany - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 02 January 2021 / 2,642 Views

Microsoft launched its next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X|S, worldwide on November 10. While they have not provided exact figures they previously announced it set the record for the biggest launch in Xbox history.

The team at Xbox has now provided some more numbers in a new Xbox Wire post revealing the Xbox Series X|S saw record sellouts in the UK, France, and Germany. 

"One of the fastest-selling Xbox Series X|S markets out of 40+ launch regions, Europe saw record sellouts in a matter of hours across the UK, France, and Germany," said Microsoft’s Xbox marketing chief Jerret West.

Xbox Series X|S Saw Record Sellouts in UK, France and Germany

Over 40 percent of first time Xbox players are playing on the Xbox Series S and there have been over 1.6 million seamless upgrades for Xbox One games to the Xbox Series X|S using Smart Delivery. 

Xbox Game Pass monthly engagement more than doubled year-over-year in November. Some of the most popular Xbox Game Pass games in November included Destiny 2: Beyond LightRainbow Six: Siege, Tetris Effect Connected, and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order with EA Play on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Over 3,800 games have been played on the Xbox Series X|S since launch. 

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AFattyGamer (on 09 December 2020)

Microsoft needs to share their numbers like Sony and Nintendo does. Microsoft be courageous don't be shy :/

  • +3
AJNShelton (on 09 December 2020)

Yeah, the Series S was hardly out of stock until last week, at least in France.
And "40% of newcomers bought the Series S" means that they sold mostly to existing Xbox One users, and 40% of the small number of new comer bought a Series S. That doesn't say a lot.

  • -3
Mr Puggsly AJNShelton (on 10 December 2020)

"Over 40 percent of first time Xbox players are playing on the Xbox Series S." This would suggest they didn't own a Xbox One.

Anyhoo, seems to me its doing better than Xbox One at launch. Which is a good way to start.

  • 0
Random_Matt (on 09 December 2020)

Lol, MS still to embarrassed to share actual numbers. Maybe VGC is more reliable than many think.

  • -3
Cerebralbore101 Random_Matt (on 09 December 2020)

I suspect they failed to gain as much marketshare as they had hoped, and this is just spin. I mean, today, I broke my own personal record for eating mangos. The record stands at 1, because I never ate a mango before. But nevermind that. I SET A RECORD PEOPLE!

  • -1
DroidKnight (on 09 December 2020)

Great to see such a huge demand for the new consoles. Hopefully the momentum continues.

  • -5
Azzanation (on 09 December 2020)

Thank you Scalpers..

  • -10