PlayStation Plus Collection Announced for PS5

PlayStation Plus Collection Announced for PS5 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted 2 days ago / 1,418 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the PlayStation Plus Collection for the PlayStation 5. It is a collection of PlayStation 4 games that "defined the generation" that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PS5. 

"For PlayStation Plus members, we’ll have a special new offering on PS5 – the PlayStation Plus Collection," said Sony. "PS5 owners with PS Plus will be able to download and play a curated library of PS4 games that defined the generation, like Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, Persona 5 and many more. The PS Plus Collection will be an added benefit to the existing PS4 benefits that PS Plus members receive for a single subscription price."

View the announcement trailer below:

Here is the list of games that will be part of PlayStation Plus Collection:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Rocksteady Studios)
  • Battlefield 1 (Electronic Arts / DICE)
  • Bloodborne (Sony Interactive Entertainment / SIE Japan Studio / FromSoftware)
  • Days Gone (Sony Interactive Entertainment / SIE Bend Studio)
  • Detroit: Become Human (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Quantic Dream)
  • Fallout 4 (Bethesda Softworks / Bethesda Game Studios)
  • Final Fantasy XV (Square Enix)
  • God of War (Sony Interactive Entertainment / SIE Santa Monica Studio)
  • inFAMOUS: Second Son (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Sucker Punch Productions)
  • The Last Guardian (Sony Interactive Entertainment / SIE Japan Studio / genDesign)
  • The Last of Us Remastered (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Naughty Dog)
  • Mortal Kombat X (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / NetherRealm Studios)
  • Persona 5 (Atlus)
  • Ratchet & Clank (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Insomniac Games)
  • Resident Evil 7: biohazard (Capcom)
  • Monster Hunter: World (Capcom)
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Naughty Dog)
  • Until Dawn (Sony Interactive Entertainment / Supermassive Games)

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dx11332sega (2 days ago)

Love it. Such a great addition for those that missed out on PS4.

KazumaKiryu (2 days ago)

Many of the best Games in this Generation, wonderful News! PS5 is Day 1 in November, with Demon Souls Remake and the new Spiderman.

VAMatt (2 days ago)

It's a decent offering. But, I'm surprised that they continue not to offer a real competitor to Gamepass. How long are they gonna let MS win that war without even putting up a fight?

halil23 (2 days ago)

Maybe cause Sony/Nintendo isn't desperate like m$? And maybe that why PlayStation/Nintendo are always gamers 1st choice cause they focus on quality games? Something m$ never had since they enter gaming industry!

  • +3
VAMatt (2 days ago)

You're saying that you think Sony is never going to put together something to compete with Gamepass? I hope you're wrong about that. I feel like Sony is being arrogant here, and acting like this universally liked service from XB doesn't matter.

  • -2
Bristow9091 (2 days ago)

TFW you already own every game on the list :P idea though, and it'll be great to see how the list grows!

mutantsushi (2 days ago)

Solid offering, but I feel like there is more they are still waiting to unveil. That this is PS5 specific tells me perhaps they are waiting for more PS5 exclusives to be ready for that. The investment in Epic points to that being potential avenue to source games from (besides pure 1st party). I think especially with MS' combined console+subscription installment plan/lease it will be major factor, and seems likely Sony would want to replicate that, and perhaps is just waiting for more PS5 exclusive games? Or for that matter, they could be waiting to tie it into PSVR2 as well....???

AFattyGamer (2 days ago)

I like this pro consumer friendly move by Sony. Me myself I don't see using this feature as most my games are physical and I already own a good majority of the games displayed in the ad xD

yvanjean (2 days ago)

As someone that will buy Xbox Series X, this service will really entice me to pick up a PS5 all digital if it continues to grow and offer more games down the road.

Pinkie_pie (2 days ago)

This means there won't be free monthly ps5 games for a few months

JWeinCom (2 days ago)

This is why competition is a good thing.