Shantae and Xtreme Sports Headed to Switch

Shantae and Xtreme Sports Headed to Switch - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 July 2020 / 631 Views

Developer WayForward announced the Game Boy Color games, Shantae and Xtreme Sports, will be getting a release on the Nintendo Switch via the eShop.

The two games will be getting a limited physical release from Limited Run Games in Fall 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and Game Boy Color.

"Over the last decade, Shantae has built up a thriving fanbase, which is a dream come true!" said WayForward creative director and Shantae co-creator Matt Bozon.

"Unfortunately, this also means that the majority of Shantae fans missed out when it came to owning a copy of her first adventure, which had a very low production run back in 2002. These days buying a copy on the collector’s market could cost upwards of a thousand dollars!

"Thanks to Limited Run Games, everyone will have a chance to own a copy of the original Shantae, along with Xtreme Sports, our first foray into handheld gaming, which laid the groundwork for Shantae. Both Shantae and Xtreme Sports are lost gems that you won’t want to miss!"

Shantae and Xtreme Sports Headed to Switch

Here is an overview of the two games:


First released in 2002, Shantae is the groundbreaking action-adventure-platformer that introduced players to the eponymous Half-Genie heroine. In her debut title, Shantae hair-whips, dances, and transforms as she seeks out four elemental stones throughout Sequin Land to put a stop to the nefarious lady pirate, Risky Boots. Highly sought by fans and collectors, Shantae is often considered to be among the pinnacle of Game Boy Color releases.

Xtreme Sports

Having recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of its June 2000 launch, Xtreme Sports is a one-of-a-kind sports-themed action RPG. As contenders Guppi or Fin, players must master five events — skateboarding, surfing, in-line skating, skyboarding, and street luge—by partaking in more than 100 breathtaking sports battles to outperform the competition and become the Xtreme Sports Champion. Are Guppi and Fin XTREME enough to win it all!?

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Bofferbrauer2 (on 09 July 2020)

Not gonna lie, I read this first as Shantae: Extreme Sports as if it was just one game...

PAOerfulone (on 09 July 2020)

If the series gets more popular (An inclusion into a certain fighting game would help tremendously) then maybe the demand will actually be there where a spinoff like that could be possible.

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