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Sony Reveals PS5 Logo And Hardware Features

Sony Reveals PS5 Logo And Hardware Features - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 04 April 2020 / 4,102 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan during Sony's CES 2020 keynote revealed the PlayStation 5 logo, as well as the PS5 hardware features. 

PlayStation 5 hardware features include 3D audio sound, haptics and adaptive triggers, ultra-high speed SSD, hardware-based ray tracing, and Ultra HD blu-ray. 

Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 in Holiday 2020.

View the PlayStation 5 logo below:

View an image of the PS4 hardware features below:

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TallSilhouette (on 06 January 2020)

Talk about underwhelming. Quit overhyping the smallest of announcements, publishers.

  • +17
Ljink96 (on 06 January 2020)


  • +5
Radek (on 07 January 2020)

Keeping it simple... and that's good! I'm happy they confirmed hardware based Ray Tracing!

  • +3
DonFerrari Radek (on 07 January 2020)

It was already confirmed since the first reveal.

  • 0
LivingMetal (on 06 January 2020)

Some of you keep saying "boring" logo or something along those lines. Maybe it is, and maybe you like it or maybe you don't. But look at Nintendo's logo. Recognizable and stable since the mid 80s. Maybe Sony is taking the same approach. Icons remain more memorable if they are successful and consistent. And for PlayStation, it's been stabilizing since the PS3 days.

  • +3
Azzanation LivingMetal (on 06 January 2020)

Are you referring to the actual logo of the brand or the logo of the console? They are very different things.

  • +3
yo33331 LivingMetal (on 06 January 2020)

I liked the PS3 original logo very much, I don't know why they changed it. Well I know but .. still like it (because of the difficult beginning for the console, and changing the face of it - so not everyone connect the old logo to not so successful system

  • +3
mutantsushi LivingMetal (on 07 January 2020)

When the non-news is 11/10 boring, we must pre-emptively deploy "whatabout" critique vs boring-ness.
"This ain't boring sonny, back in my day we were so bored we would talk about it for 2 weeks if the cow farted."

  • +1
DonFerrari LivingMetal (on 07 January 2020)

The complain isn't about how the logo looks, I have no problem with it, but the reveal of infomation that well have 0 new on it.

  • 0
deskpro2k3 (on 06 January 2020)

I like it

  • +2
JON0 (on 06 January 2020)

Hardware based RT is good to know. Remember hearing a lot of rumours claiming this wasn't the case. Looking forward to the reveal of the console design/controller.

  • +2
Hiku (on 06 January 2020)

Never could have guessed that would be the logo.
I need 3D audio sound to figure out where Mr X's footsteps are coming from though.

  • +2
hunter_alien (on 07 January 2020)

Its good to have a confirmation, but damn, nothing new came out of this... As a huge PS fan, I cannot wait for the real reveal.

  • +1
KLAMarine (on 07 January 2020)

Yeah, that's the PS5 logo.

  • 0
DonFerrari (on 07 January 2020)

Color me surprised with this heap of new information.

  • 0
Azzanation (on 06 January 2020)

So innovating... Well its what we expected so nothing really bad or good. Just a little boring. Xbox also has a boring logo. They are due for a change, that white circle Xbox logo on the XB1 and SeXbox should of changed by now.

  • -7