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Best Adventure Game of 2019

Best Adventure Game of 2019 - Article

by Chinh Tran , posted on 01 January 2020 / 3,194 Views

The nominees for this year’s Best Adventure Game are probably the most varied out of all the categories. This is a testament to the talented development teams as well as proof that adventure games continue to challenge, delight, and even inspire players. Observation tasks players with uncovering the mystery of a lost space crew through the lens of an artificial intelligence in a brilliant sci-fi thrill ride; Afterparty has players avoiding hell in a twisted take on the afterlife; Life is Strange 2 follows an emotional roadtrip of two brothers with a powerful bond; and finally Outer Wilds provides an unforgettable adventure amidst a solar system trapped in time.

The Shortlist:



Life is Strange 2

Outer Wilds

The Winner:

Outer Wilds

Through all the adventures gaming has taken us on in 2019, none is as unique, beautiful, and captivating as Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital. With an inspiring score, wonderful art style, superb premise, and memorable story, Outer Wilds proved to be a true standout this year and is VGChartz's pick for Best Adventure Game of 2019.

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Mar1217 (on 02 January 2020)

Still think AI the Somnium Files was the most overlooked game in this category despite the massive qualities it had ...

  • +1
coolbeans Mar1217 (on 02 January 2020)

Yeah, it seems like a running theme that any shortlist with 4 feels lacking another special title.

  • +1