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Best Horror Game of 2017

Best Horror Game of 2017 - Article

by Evan Norris , posted on 03 January 2018 / 6,012 Views

If you love to be terrified or grossed out, 2017 was the year for you. There were small-scale psychological horror games, big-budget bloodbaths, and, thanks to the emergence of virtual reality, some (literally) in-your-face frights. Dead by Daylight scored points for its asymmetrical multiplayer options. The Evil Within 2 built on the freaky foundation Shinji Mikami set three years ago. Outlast II asked its players to run and hide, in true survival-horror fashion. Resident Evil VII brought arguably the most famous and beloved horror franchise back to respectability and, incidentally, into the first-person perspective.



The Shortlist:

Dead by Daylight

 Dead by Daylight

The Evil Within 2

 The Evil Within 2

Outlast 2

Outlast II 

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

Resident Evil VII 



The Winner:

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard

 Resident Evil VII winner

For its first hour of first-person stealth, Resident Evil VII could be confused with an Outlast game or something from the Frictional Games canon. After that the game opens up to reveal something refreshingly similar to the origins of the series. Regardless of its western horror paraphernalia and first-person perspective, Resident Evil VII plays closely to the 1996 original — which is just what the franchise needed. Backtracking is encouraged; ammo is limited; puzzles and traps block the way forward; and monsters, both animal and human, are a constant threat. Hopefully, Resident Evil VII is the beginning of a renaissance for horror's flagship franchise.

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Luke888 (on 03 January 2018)

Deserved win imho, the series managed to come back from its downfall with 5 and 6

  • +10
The_Yoda (on 03 January 2018)

RE7 will be my first purchase when I get the VR gear for the PS4. I knew that even before this article.

  • +4
progstarmac (on 03 January 2018)

I loved this game. Its really scary, just like in the old times.

  • +3
LuccaCardoso1 (on 04 January 2018)

Easily the best horror game of the year. RE7 was such a great experience and such a great revitalization of the series.

  • +2
Errorist76 (on 03 January 2018)

Without and especially in VR! Well deserved

  • +2
hunter_alien (on 03 January 2018)

Good choice. This is also my GOTY alongside Odissey. The best horror survivor since Alien Isolation and arguably the best horror game of the 21st century in my book :-)

  • +2
habam (on 04 January 2018)

one of the best video game expierence of all time when played for the first time in VR

  • +1
mundus6 (on 03 January 2018)

Evil Within 2 is probably the most underrated game of the year. That said, both games are the best horror games in a very long time. I never been much on jump scare games like amnesia and every horror game with good gameplay that has come out in the past 10 years or so has been to action based for my taste. Evil within 2 is the perfect balance of horror and gameplay and re7 actually made a good game in the best camera angle for a horror game which gives me high hopes for the future of the genre and RE in general.

  • +1
GoldenHand80 mundus6 (on 04 January 2018)

Whilst I agree with you that the TEW2 is an excellent game, I was a little bit put off by the changes they made to Sebastian. The voice is different and Sebastian is not the seem calm character that was in TEW, it feels like a completely different one from the original. But having said that, the game is incredible with very creepy atmosphere and pure horror

  • +1
Dgc1808 (on 03 January 2018)

Excellent game. just wish it supported move for aiming.

  • +1
Nautilus (on 03 January 2018)

Easy win, and more than deserved.

  • +1
bartkuz (on 04 January 2018)

I'm playing it right now for the first time and having a blast! What a comeback after the disaster that was 6.

  • 0
Azzanation (on 04 January 2018)

This game looks amazing in 4k. Also bloody creepy. Well deserved.

  • 0
ROCKY223 (on 03 January 2018)

FRAnkly i didnt thought this game was scary even in slightest but i still had alot of fun playing it.It was a great return to form for resident evil

  • 0
Errorist76 ROCKY223 (on 03 January 2018)

Should’ve played it in VR.

  • 0
ROCKY223 ROCKY223 (on 04 January 2018)

I Dont have a ps vr

  • 0
CaptainExplosion (on 03 January 2018)

Never heard of Dead by Daylight. Is it good? :)

  • 0
shikamaru317 CaptainExplosion (on 03 January 2018)

It's a multiplayer horror game like Friday the 13

  • 0
shikamaru317 CaptainExplosion (on 03 January 2018)

It's a multiplayer horror game like Friday the 13th, but in my opinion it's better. Truly one of the most fun multiplayer games I have ever played.

  • +5
Errorist76 CaptainExplosion (on 04 January 2018)

It's definitely the better "friday the 13th"imho...Watch some let's plays on Youtube, it's a lot of fun!

  • 0